Blind Dating 6 Glow Up Girls | Versus 1

Blind Dating 6 Glow Up Girls | Versus 1

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00:00 Intro
00:23 Round 1: No Talking
02:39 Round 2: Q&A
05:18 Round 3: Q&A
09:20 Final Reveal

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33 Responses

  1. ginnayyyy says:

    i loved janiya she was like one of the only girls that kept the conversation going every time, asked questions back

  2. S says:

    Look how well he connected with Janiya vs Hailey. He seemed to really click and talk naturally with Janiya and with Hailey it was just cool cool cool

    • aliza naomy says:


    • Katarina Giselle says:

      I agree..he regretted his decision too I think. I think he was intimidates by the one he likes the most and so he chose his second placer even though he clicked with Janiya WAY more! I hope he still gets her number because they are better suited.

    • Trashkitten says:

      @aqsa ashrafi why frame it as them being ‘the worst one’. They’re people too and attraction is subjective

    • Dozie says:

      @Aboudi i feel like it was the other way around. Maybe he realized how attractive janiya was and tried to keep her around longer.

  3. Y2M3 E. says:

    Sahai and Janiya were my personal faves. Sahai is so cute, sadly didn’t get to hear more of what she’s currently doing. Janiya, I would date myself lol

  4. Julz says:

    Listening to their voices really was the most defining stage of all this

  5. Elizabeth Cartagena says:

    Janiya is SO beautiful. Sometimes I think success can intimidate a person though.

  6. Daniel Ku - 顧仲文 says:

    maybe we can do another version of this series but with people that are older?

  7. y says:

    His awkwardness tho 🤣 but I think Jeniya is the type of person where u can talk about similar things and (maybe) talk about some sh!t topics that people don’t know about XD

    * in this video; about real estate and stuff

  8. Seven Strikes says:

    This is really fun, would love to see this with older groups like 30ish, then maybe 40 or 50ish. The diversity of different age groups makes for all kinds of entertainment.

  9. Kden says:

    It’s nice to see how he respects each of the girls and feels bad for eliminating them

  10. Rocky Ember says:

    Janiya’s photo was honestly really pretty, i don’t think acne is very noticeable and you could see she had nice features in the picture

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