Blind Fast Food Sub Sandwich Taste Test

Blind Fast Food Sub Sandwich Taste Test

Can we decipher the difference between Subway and Quiznos while blindfolded? GMM #1290.1
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74 Responses

  1. Kaite Gedeng says:

    Why didn’t they wear gloves so they can’t feel it?

  2. Brennan Orr says:


  3. Life Ofsteve says:

    Publix subs are the best sandwiches in America

  4. HAMMERonYOUTUBE says:

    didn’t get that herb and cheese from subway, no wonder you didnt like it

  5. Taylor Brown says:

    Rhett and Link should try Alvin Ords in San Marcos Texas, halfway between San Antonio and Austin.

  6. seidimeow says:

    Good Meathical Morning! Lettuce talk about that!

    and if y’all were wondering, my favorite sandwich is a punini ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  7. Melissa Logan says:

    NOT JIMMY JOHNS AHH. Just google about the owner ๐Ÿ™

    • Max W says:

      Chill out Melissa. Ever since trophy hunting was introduced in some parts of Africa, animal populations went up. That’s because there is now an incentive to keep the populations high.

    • pepe trump says:

      plus hunting to regulate to population of hunters/prey helps not tip the balance

  8. WhitDog WhatsUp says:

    Sandwiches are my fave food cause ya can eat them breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus you can make them with ANYTHING! And subs…. yes please ๐Ÿ–’ I 100% agree with Link… chips are a must!!! This was fun to watch and now… I’M HUNGRY!!! Haha. Much Love Beast๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’™

  9. Chris Paul says:

    I mean yall dont have publix so you dont actually have the best.

  10. cherryblossom0426 says:

    Firehouse is great, I’m so happy they came to Canada

  11. Carlos Turcios says:

    Will it quesadilla, Will it waffle, Will it ravioli, Will it fondue

  12. Brenin Watson says:

    I’m actually shocked that Subway didn’t rank as the worst ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • MadroxMonoxide777 says:

      My only problem with Jimmy Johns is that they take a handful of bread out of the top and bottom of the bun and throw it in this trash. Completely unnecessary. The stuff would stay on it just fine if they didn’t do that.

    • Astralplain says:

      @Fool’s Requiem Jimmy John’s sucks

    • Jeremiah Lauzon says:

      How is Subway that bad? They have pretty good subs imo

    • Imso Ber says:

      MadroxMonoxide777 they offer it to anybody that wants left over wheat and white bread at the end of the day where i worked at

  13. Nain Eleffen says:

    Can y’all do an all American taste test?? Tasting Americas top famous foods: hamburgers, lean cuisines, kids cuisines, Mac n cheese, bread and water!! You know.. Americas precolonial culinary achievements!!!

  14. Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez says:

    If you think about it, the new format of GMM is a sandwich. The first part is the top layer of bread,the two middle parts are the filling and Good Mythical More is the bottom slice of bread.

  15. LeoFan93 says:

    I miss the Franken round

  16. Kyle Massey says:

    Publix makes the best subs.

  17. Cademan Caden says:

    Jersey Mike’s is the best

  18. Daniel Frieka says:

    The only one in my country is Subway

  19. Nate_dawg 115 says:

    The “as you can see, we can’t” will continue to be the greatest statement on this show, and will continue to make me laugh

  20. Zach Johnson says:

    Rhett is the best at these blindfold games

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