Blind Girl Describes My Face to a Police Sketch Artist!

Blind Girl Describes My Face to a Police Sketch Artist!

I learned so much with Molly and made an amazing new friend! Who wants to see her take me shopping and style me?!
Check out Molly’s video!



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44 Responses

  1. SlayTaee says:

    okay I thought I was the only one but the comments tell me I’m not alone. Miles voice…..lawdddd it’s amazing

  2. William R says:

    can we maybe have her name in the title? just possibly? wow….

  3. Joyce Chahine - Pianist says:

    Gabbie you’re Lebanese?! Well hello my middle eastern sista!

    • Sode No Shirayuki says:

      charlicedawson well the person’s question was “what is Lebanese?” And in this context the girl in the video was referring to Gabbie who’s originally from Lebanon… So she’s Arab… The other person’s answer was it’s a culture (which is somehow right) but not the right context. U got my point!?
      It’s like saying you’re French. And someone asks what’s French!? (yeah it’s a culture) but here I was talking about the fact that he’s from France.

    • charlicedawson says:

      Sode No Shirayuki But that’s not what you said. You flat out said it’s not a culture. No matter what the context, it’s still a culture. Even in this context. It’s a culture that she belongs to. Sorry for the confusion.

    • TheIvett93 says:

      People from Lebanon. (Country in the Middle-East.)

    • Eve Mason says:

      “I thought you were American”

  4. Blondie Bella says:

    This should be #1 on trending!!

  5. Oliver's Chaos says:

    Comment section
    20%: Gabbies Lebanese?!
    70%: omg miles is so hot😤😫🤧
    10%: anything else

  6. Chicken McNuggets says:

    I totally want the video where she takes her shopping!!!

  7. Olivia Herrmann says:

    gabbie: awww, no ones ever called me proportionate before!!!

    gabbie u bootiful 😛

  8. Sara Shahani says:


  9. Rose says:

    May I just point out that this is creative AF

  10. heroox_3 says:

    He is hella cute damn

  11. simmy bhaker says:

    i want to see more videos of molly and gabbie together

  12. Arizza Arriola says:

    I for real wanna know how she’s blind and knows where to look? The only kind of blind i know is the media stereotyped one it would be interesting to know beyond that thanks for anyone who’ll explain 💕

  13. Yasmine P says:

    Molly got her nose spot on!!! The sketch had me shook!!!!!! If it wasnt for the smaller eyes I feel like it would have looked exactly like her, that’s so crazy that she was able to get so much spot on. Even in Shane’s video she was describing them all spot on, she’s amazing 😍

    • Greg Fakerson says:

      yea it’s bulbous from straight on, i don’t know what she was thinking say it was the opposite

  14. xMisstiry says:

    10:29 thats how i am

  15. Emily Michelle says:

    Oh I love her ❤️ exactly as she stated , not everyone who is blind or visually impaired looks it . I am only blind in one eye , which has turned hazy blue / grey since I became blind later in life . But most people don’t see me as someone who has any eye problems from how I look unless were face to face talking. Molly is so beautiful & I just hope for one day people can understand more of the visual impairments around the world

  16. Ari M says:

    Does anyone know where Gabbie’s sweater is from? It’s so cutteee!!

  17. Jasbubble says:

    Waaahhh I actually love this sooo much 💜💜💜

  18. Brave Kate says:

    This guy’s voice is… making me feel things

  19. Dave Disci Vlogs says:


  20. sadboiadan says:

    I would travel Miles to meet that guy

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