Blind Pizza Crust Taste Test

Blind Pizza Crust Taste Test

Can Shay Mitchell get on our level for a blind pizza crust taste test?  GMM #1489

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48 Responses

  1. futureTV says:

    Thank you for saving smosh

  2. Sulek Lalwani says:

    Who’s here after these people bought Smosh????

  3. 1 the one 1 says:

    why doesn’t the title have “ft. Shay Mitchell”?

  4. samtherat6 says:

    I thought the crew gave Shay all the answers beforehand or something to troll Rhett and Link. But no, she’s actually that good. That’s insane.

  5. Ghoul says:

    You guys are amazing for doing what you did to help Smosh

  6. dalsio says:

    I’ve been a pizza crust fanatic for eight years, and I’ve never seen crust skills like hers. She must be… a true, Legendary Super Crustian. One with such latent crust potential is only born once a millennia, and they are said to hold sway over the very crust of the earth. How grateful I am to the Great Crust in the sky that the Super Crustian would appear in my lifetime.

  7. punkrocker4life9674 says:

    Shay’s awesome ? and how did I know Costco would be voted best crust? That pizza (crust and all) is amazing

  8. HERCULES0070 says:

    I have been a fan of Good Mythical Morning for years and I am so happy that you guys helped Smosh come back. Rhett and Link you both are my favorite YouTubers without a doubt.

  9. The Campfire says:

    Did she just give a perfect high five at the right time… *blindfolded?!*

  10. Solo says:

    I just want to thank you guys for saving smosh <3

  11. Jason Kohrman says:

    So are we going to have a video about how you guys bought smosh?

  12. Braansin Wishlow says:

    Thank you Rhett and link for saving Smosh

  13. Antonio Manzella says:


    Karma: Imma stop u right there

  14. Erndaworm says:

    I think Shay literally asked what time it is ? I was here cheering out load for her to get them all right after she nailed the first ones

  15. Adil Loskdj says:

    GMM is my favourite pizza place !!!!!!!

  16. Bombastic Brody says:

    I love how Link said “SHE’S CHEATIN’” after Shay said she had some pizza sauce on hers, but then she revealed she lied.. ?

  17. Gavin Stebbins says:

    Crust is shays talent
    She is good at guessing crust
    Its snowing on Mount Fuji

  18. White Madrid 777 says:

    Congrats Link and Rhett on buying Smosh I’m hoping for some great content??? so excited

  19. Rudy901 says:

    Thank you for buying Smosh

    We as viewers can’t wait to see colaberations between ya’ll

  20. Sayyed Shah says:

    Hey, do you guys like crust



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