blink-182 – Bored To Death (Official Video)

blink-182 – Bored To Death (Official Video)

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Available everywhere July 1, 2016

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20 Responses

  1. Eddy Hernandez says:


  2. Lane Bell says:

    They upped the reverb on Matt’s vocals so that he is differentiated from

  3. okta prahastomo says:

    this is +44. lol

  4. Mopars89 says:

    This is so bitter sweet. Just thankful to have them back! Blink is the only
    band that can instantly make me feel alive.

  5. Casper Ghost says:

    Did they get new members? I only know Marc

  6. James Ramirez says:

    Just a matter of time before they play this song at the mall in Zumiez.

  7. ironfist741 says:

    this was just so so mark kind of song

  8. Alexandre França says:

    I remember when blink used to play only cheer songs. I hope that times are
    coming back :D

  9. christian paz says:


  10. OpTiC storm 26 says:

    I feel so old oml?

  11. ociex pop punk says:

    Yes, nice music video! I need you to have a tour in Indonesia!!! ociex182
    Hasim Ashari hihi….

  12. Alonso Ramirez says:

    Love It!

  13. mani maharjan says:

    matt :3

  14. Jhun Sar says:

    Here’s a L ✌️

  15. nathaly morales says:


  16. Derek Hamilton says:

    Can’t Wait to See them and All American Rejects in Seattle.

  17. Irun Mon says:

    This this L Travis barker

  18. princesita3104 says:

    no es lo mismo sin tom, y yo amo este grupo, este tipo no le llega ni a los
    talones. que pena ??????????????

  19. alexandre carvalho loureiro says:

    Nostalgia e gratidão por essa banda que fez minha adolescência ser melhor e
    ainda faz sem dúvida é uma banda que todo mundo deveria oi ouvir blink 182

  20. AirCanada1J5 says:

    gosh love blink, like this song a lot, but man this video is dumb. I was
    really hoping this song was about a relationship and being at a breaking
    point, hence the ‘hold your breath’, as in when a significant other comes
    at you with classic bullshit you just don’t want to hear anymore….I
    really hope this isn’t about a high schooler in class bored…dumb video
    director fire him