blink-182 – EDGING (Official Video)

blink-182 – EDGING (Official Video)

Official Video for “EDGING” by blink-182
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Director: Cole Bennett 
Executive Producer: Jake Millan
Producer: Krista Worby
Producer/Label Commissioner: Saul Levitz
Director of Photography: Franklin Ricart 
Production Designer: Cody Fusina
1st Assistant Director: Kelo
Choreographer: Nadine Olmo
SteadiCam Operator: Renard Cheren
VFX: Scissor Films
3D animation: Reduciano
Color Grade: Josh Bohoskey/Visual Creatures
Production Manager: Kateland Cornine 
Production Coordinator: Megan Short 
2nd Assistant Director: Khyber Law
1st Assistant Camera: Quinton Rodriguez 
2nd Assistant Camera: Jonathan Cypress 
Digital Imaging Technician: Emilio Pousa Rojas 
JIB Operator: Babak Mansouri 
Chief Lighting Technician: Dimitri Christoforidis 
Lighting Console Programmer: Christopher Van Lieshout 
Assistant Chief Lighting Technician: Michael Roseman 
Set Lighting Technician: Nick Weir 
Set Lighting Technician:Johnathan Le 
Set Lighting Technician: Mikey Proa
Key Grip: Brendan Riel 
Best Boy Grip: Matthew Seest 
Grip: Cale Nichols 
Grip: Jordan Hodges 
Grip: Kevin Ramirez 
Grip: Alex Laudeman
Art Director: Mitchell Dillon
Art Coordinator: Sydney Seligman
Set Decorator: Emmett Tekstra
Set Dresser: Joshua Eisenburg
Set Dresser: Lauren Boucher
Set Dresser: Samuel Adgate
Set Dresser: Noah Vasquez
Set Dresser: Gabriel Susinski
Set Dresser: Jarron “Flyman” Flynn
Sound: Ramon Cortes
Talent Wardrobe: Rasheeda Ameera
Key Production Assistant: Robert Blair II 
Production Assistant: Mohammad “Rocky” AlMoslim 
Production Assistant: Jaron Flynn 
Production Assistant: Charles Roberts 
Production Assistant/Playback: Mahkai “Kai” Parker 
Production Assistant: Ryan Davis Truck
Production Assistant: Miguel Jaramillo
Catering: Humberto Ramírez 
Crafty: Sabino Salas
Medic: Jeremy Winters 
Stunt Consultant: Josh Tessier
Stunt Coordinator: Chris Troy 
Stunt Performer: Ilyana Eberhardt
Stunt Performer: Alan Silva
Dancer: Jordan Harris 
Dancer: Jordan Johnson 
Dancer: Justin Conte 
Dancer: Gabe Flowers 
Dancer: Adrian Hoffman 
Dancer: Ryan Spencer 
Dancer: Owen Scarlett 
Dancer: CJ Erasme 
Dancer: Nico Lonetree 
Dancer: Robert Blue Blanton 
Dancer: Danny Axley 
Dancer: Lukas van der Fecht 
Dancer: Seth Kai 
Dancer: Raymond Ejiofor
Location: Wini McKay
Special thanks to Mayor Chris Barajas and Dan “The Permit Man” Taylor

I ain’t that cool
A little fucked in the head
They’ll be hanging me quick
When I’m back from the dead
Get the rope
I’m a punk rock kid
I came from hell with a curse
She tried to pray it away
So I fucked her in church
Don’t you know
They say you’re not safe here if I stay
With a knife that sharp no way
No I leave them broken hearted
Oh no look at the mess we started
Oh no I leave the broken hearts this way
What you say
You want to play
Yeah don’t be fooled
I’m only letting you down
They pursued me on foot
But I hid in the crowd
Like a ghost
The seats of my car
Are filled with cigarette burns
I got a fire in my eye
A little blood on my shirt
Let’s hit the road
I know there’s a special place in hell
That my friends and I know well
There’s a perfect place to go
When it’s time to lose control
Nightmare daydream
You can’t save me
#blink182 #EDGING

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28 Responses

  1. Саша Шапик says:

    Tom, Mark and Travis Show Must Go On!

  2. Lucas Borba says:

    Travis survived the accident, Mark beat cancer, and Tom escaped the Aliens. You guys are heroes!💪🥳🤘

  3. SiendoTroll says:

    Pinche roolon!! se me enchino la piel :’)

  4. jamakami says:

    New Blink is exactly what the world needs right now. Welcome back boys 🙌

  5. YWNCCTHIF says:

    Legit crying rn. It’s not their best song, but it’s very catchy and has that classic blink humor and attitude. It just makes me happy to see them together again putting out new stuff. It looks like they’re having fun. ❤

  6. MrBallen says:

    amazing to see these guys back together!

  7. ScottDW says:

    Welcome back Dads ❤

  8. Michael Putman says:

    It honestly doesn’t even matter to me if it’s their “best stuff” or not. The fact they’re together writing songs, going on tour, releasing songs, and an album’s on the way makes everything better. I think this song is killer and definitely gonna be on repeat until they release something new, that will also be on repeat lol

  9. Jol Art says:

    La cara de felicidad de Mark lo dice todo. Dice lo que todos sentimos con el regreso de Blink 182. 😭

  10. Joe Santos says:

    Blink 182 voltou, eu voltei, agora as coisas vão mudar! Eu estou feliz! Trabalhar bastante para ir no show de vocês em 2023. Joe – Amazonas – Manaus – Silves

    • Mickssael Santiago says:

      Manaus mano? Eu tambem. Blink 182 é maravilhoso demais. Se Deus quiser estaremos no show deles ano que vem.

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