Blink 182 – Whats My Age Again – Live at Coachella 2023

Blink 182 – Whats My Age Again – Live at Coachella 2023

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35 Responses

  1. Eyo says:

    And Tom’s guitar sound doesn’t sound like its gasping for air. Whatever amp or amp sim he is using, I’m all for it. It sounds like the best of his Mesa Boogie setup with the best of his Vox and Twin Reverb combo

    And him coming back to Fender with a Starcaster model is the cherry on top

  2. Xintlzer☠️ says:

    Seeing them again together performing this song is magical….

  3. Pop Disaster says:

    Holy shit, Tom’s actually into it and not butchering every song with his vocals. His heart is actually into it this time….

  4. westside1912 says:

    Tom’s best guitar tone in forever. Sounds fantastic.

  5. Kyle Reed says:

    Mark sounds amazing!! 👏

  6. Kaan Çolak says:

    If you are around 33 years old and know this song’s lyrics naturally, that means you had a happy teenage my friend! well done 🥳🫰🏼

  7. Nick Forner says:

    Welcome Back BLINK!!! The nostalgia is so real right now for me and every other Blink fan 😢❤ you guys are looking as fit, healthy and happy as ever 👌🤘

  8. Ema Heiwa says:

    Amazing show, so nostalgic. We were highschool kids again. ❤ So much better than the first reunion, and the setlist was 🔥

  9. Pablo Albicker says:

    Excellent! Great performance!

  10. Sen Escape says:

    I’ve been following Blink-182 since they started and this is the best live performance I’ve heard from Tom and Mark. Mark is hitting all the right vocal notes, Tom is in key, nailing the harmonies. So good!! You can tell they’re enjoying it, putting in the effort and sounding really good as a result.

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