Blitzball Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Blitzball Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

You’ve probably never seen pitches like these!
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20 Responses

  1. Toxic Zbrine says:

    Do soccer

  2. Michell Rowe says:

    Be a bouncy ball and bounce back

  3. Travis Wright says:

    be a bouncy ball bounce back

  4. Fred “Gluperman” Chupin says:

    subscribe to the woji

  5. Xxrongameskullz says:

    Can u do hoverboards trick shots?

  6. No Limit Sports says:

    ty didn’t do a foreign dance to sign it off

  7. P Elfström says:

    Do a haloween stereotyps and btw great vid :)

  8. Thumper Chunk says:


  9. Chloe Callaway says:

    can you make more stereotypes plzzzzzzz. i love your stereotypes!

  10. Fins Up Sports says:

    I met dude perfect at ole miss and Texas atm game

  11. Tim Robinson says:

    Breaking glass in public play areas! WOOT!………

  12. WhitePrivilege * says:

    yea it’s a ball am i missing something?

  13. Jenny Loredo says:

    You gis or so cool

  14. Zack Parks says:

    You should do pool sterotypes

  15. Grayson T. says:

    Did anyone else notice the swegway at the bottle smasher

  16. jared harris says:

    i want one of those traxxas rc cars but i dont have any money

  17. Richards Family says:

    Do hover board trick shots next! Like if you agree

  18. MARK LIU (The Marksman) says:

    3:08. That screwball was nasty. I know it’s a Blitzball, but that shit was

  19. Hunter Macduff says:

    What happened with their sc?

  20. truman Magleby says:

    Look at zip chips, they kind of remind me of these and I thought you guys
    would like them.