Blizzard Is Doomed if this is true

Blizzard Is Doomed if this is true

It’s over for Blizzard.
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45 Responses

  1. SpiritWolve says:

    I have to agree with Asmongold on gamers and developers not having the same goals anymore. Large game companies have the goal of keeping you paying more for a single game, addiction and various forms of manipulation being their prime tools, us players however want to have as much of a good or meaningful experience with our games as possible.

    • T P says:

      Literally just describing capitalism, except he won’t take that next baby step to realize it. The goal of any corporation is never to improve your life.

    • Disembowell says:

      If we’re forced to work to make them wealthy with the fictional currency that’s forced onto us from birth, you can guarantee I’m defending my leisure time when they try to take that, too.

      There’s a reason I’ve started getting out more and realising the world is so much more than sitting on my ass playing video games. I’ve become a living creature again, not conceptualised income.

    • Airking990 says:

      payday 3 (and in turn all the Payday 2 DLC leading up to payday 3) is prime example of this

    • zac C says:

      @Airking990you mean dlc you didn’t have to buy to actually play the heists? Something no other game does? Or do you mean supporting a game for 10 years and listening to a community demanding more? I’ll give you payday 3 being bad atm, but payday2 is far from it. The game was constantly on sell and dlc as well…but yeah go play your mmos and buy all the cosmetics

  2. Fabled Melon says:

    As I’m getting older, with nearly 30 years of gaming under my belt, instead of trying to fight these companies, I’ve come to accept that there are going to be companies like Activision Blizzard that try to milk their playerbase for everything they can, and in the process of doing so they treat everyone else as a second class citizen.

    The only thing we can do is have some fucking self respect, ignore those money hungry titles, act as if they don’t exist, and play the gems that do exist like Baldur’s Gate 3, Elden Ring, and so on. There is a reason those games have had their monumental, deserved success.

    Its not even a matter of “voting” with your wallet, its just playing the games that have real passion and dedication behind them – and isn’t just a money grabbing scheme.

    • Rawr McSaurs says:

      Agreed up you go

    • MDA says:

      Exactly 👍🏼

    • Kenneth Brezinski says:

      Agreed. I don’t even understand why people try to fight companies. You don’t fight Heimz when they change the cost or quality of their ketchup – you buy another brand. Its only gamers who have to react and be beholden to gaming companies like they are an ex girlfriend. If you don’t like a game/company there are 100s of others games thag would gladly take your money. So rather than complain endlessly about a company, just move on and take your money elsewhere

    • Retromind says:

      I’m 30 and I literally have been emulating old games for the past 3 years, the new ones SUCK (most of them)

    • Big Chungus says:

      Well said!

  3. Alehcks says:

    Imagine giving your life to Blizzard for the last few decades and missing out on so many things

  4. Homer Simpson says:

    “Gamers have no self control” most truest words ever!

    • Hereticon Lexicanum says:

      It’s a shame that so many gamers choose “pay money,” instead of “play the game,” because the game has been designed poorly on purpose. More people need to simply say “no,” to big name, shitty games.

    • Hit the Sky says:

      Gamers already left WoW, last of my friends left it in Pandaria and swithed to another MMOs or single player RPGs. It has whole different playerbase.

    • Arantyr DarkHand says:

      Its not games its majority of ppl 30 yo and bellow.

    • Light worker says:

      There’s plenty of industries that behave in a scummy way, and consumers in those industries also don’t boycott the companies.

      The problem is simply that it’s irrational to accept a personal cost to hurt a company just a tiny bit. It’s much more rational to call on other people to do that, but then not do it yourself.

    • furyberserk says:

      I mean, when you were raised by tv, iPad and Mommy’s credit card running through thousands of dollars for immediate gratification, what would you expect?

  5. MrNinjaBurger says:

    I think a big thing for me that I like about classic is that there’s an end to it. You don’t have to worry about a new season coming out and undoing your progress. Once you get whatever gear level you’re happy with. That’s it. You don’t need to worry about did it roll with leech or a socket, or what have you. You’re just done, which gives you a goal to work toward and lets you enjoy the ride. In my opinion anyway.

    • MarkS says:

      Yeah it’s a nice complete game with a straightforward endgame too. There’s battlegrounds or dungeons/raids and that’s it.

      Don’t need to read up on shit, don’t need to understand 10 different game modes.

      Also easy to get into. Don’t need a guide, if you suck just play a hunter, use like 3 abilities, you can get to max and play with friends.

    • God Explained says:

      I agree 100%

    • ZackWester says:

      @MarkS you can hit max level on any tallent/skill combo question is how long it takes.
      and if you try and get gear or run whit level 10 gear at 40 (as a extra chalange).
      like I played a protection warrior (sword and shield) but I did not make a tank build Im not sure what I did I just picked what looked cool or sounded fun.
      and I could make it to max level for the most part solo did take ages, that said when ever I found one other player and we ran together damn fast stuff whent.
      when I could tank and the other could spank.

    • A total Cnut says:

      Time wasting in survival games it through the roof, it’s the reason I don’t play them anymore. Once you see how your time is wasted in survival games, you don’t want to play anymore. Like take 10 swings at a tree to get 1 wood, do this 50 times to build a wall, do this another 10 times to build a basic house. Hit rock 10 times to get 1 ore, do this hehehehehehehehe OMG, that’s how you make a survival game, then your keyboard (tools) break all the time, so repairing OMG. Yeah, survival games are dead to me until they come up with a newer formula, then I’ll get sick of that one too, eventually.

  6. ricojes says:

    Blizzard has moved on, and so should we.

  7. Farhiya Ali Ismail says:

    Blizzard was already doomed

  8. Connor Kills says:

    Blizzard has been on the back foot for almost 10 years now. They can’t create a great game and let it be. When they do, they always find a way to fuck it up. It never ceases to amaze me.

    • Pixel Poro says:

      Because they try to monetize every single aspect . Even making people buy a game like Overwatch twice for literally nothing.

  9. Gubzs says:

    “There are internal worries that the new game’s survival crafting nature will be outdated by the time it releases”
    1) Literally just make a good game and the people that enjoy the genre will play it
    2) If you didn’t spend 80% of dev time in board meetings it would’ve been out yesterday

    • Arantyr DarkHand says:

      Bro… its 2023 and theres PPL playng vampire survivors that a totally outdated game per say hahah.
      Make a good game, FOLLOW YOUR MAIN IDEA. Stop think to please everyone. BOOM sucess. They dont understand that and want to appease to everyone and fail.
      BG 3 the sucess of the decade its the NICHE of A NICHE, RPG, TURN BASED. And its the game of the year.

    • kufufu~ says:

      ​@Arantyr DarkHandkind of the problem when non gamers are making decisions on the games

    • Axel says:

      but bro, they need the board meetings, at this point its the only thing stopping them from harrassng their female employees

    • 89qwyg9yqa34t says:

      How many RPGs do you think are, at this very moment, trying to leverage ChatGPT for NPC dialogue? First one that releases will be the one everyone buys. Everybody else is just a copycat.

    • Space junk says:

      Can’t wait for Blizzard to release a game with shitty Nyan Cat memes in it.

  10. Deppint T says:

    Finally a WoW killer. Free to Play WoW.

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