This is the greatest video essay of All Time

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  1. Something Something says:

    Don’t cry because it’s over
    Smile because it happened
    Plan a trip to Bend Oregon

  2. Red Jack says:

    Just wanted to comment to say how much I love this style. This is amazing <3 keep up the amazing work Charlie!

  3. Sergeant Cyndaquil says:

    Animated Charlie is really enjoyable, can we get more of this?

  4. A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber says:

    What? Cr1t1kal is storytime animator now?

  5. Oh Kno says:

    I still have Simpsons Hit and Run on gamecube and its in a blockbuster case :'(

  6. Cameron Hughes says:

    I love this new style of video.. like u actually tried and its beautiful

  7. murphy53 says:

    My guy, what kind of bicep workouts are you doing? It’s getting me rather moist

  8. ShadowSpectre says:

    How cool is that the animation has more emotion in his face than the original, just love it

  9. Faizal kuntz says:

    This is too well edited for cr1tical… My brain can’t handle it…

  10. Flightness Snowbirb says:

    “They partner with Enron…”

    That almost got an audible oof from me

  11. Austin Young says:

    My mom and I went to the midnight release of the “Land before time” several times. I loved that show.

  12. MaXiMuS54 says:

    Family Video is basically the new Blockbuster, they have 500 locations

  13. Black Skull says:

    I remember renting scratched, unplayable games. Good times!

  14. anna cronin says:

    i live in Oregon also like the new style u did on this video

  15. IamBARN says:

    I like this swapping from real life to animation style video.

  16. PASTRAMIKick says:

    bruh Enron scammed investors for Millions of dollars, that story is a good one on itself

  17. kawaii slav says:

    That drug dealer scene was oddly specific Charlie ?

  18. Operationally Opaque says:

    Hey Charlie, credit your animator, an artist deserves to be known for their work

  19. Austin Kilts says:

    Blockbuster raid
    Location: bend, Oregon
    Time 12am – 12am
    Date October 26th 2019

    Let’s win this war gentlemen

  20. Nathan Morgan says:

    _Mr Sandman_
    _bring me a dream_
    _make him the cutest_
    _that I’ll ever see_
    _give him the word_
    _that I’m not a rover_
    _and tell him_
    _that all_
    _lonesome nights_



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