Bloodsport Mentos Commercial

Bloodsport Mentos Commercial

High quality version of the Bloodsport Mentos commercial parody

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20 Responses

  1. Chris Catalano says:

    hahaha well done. its so perfect.

  2. Michael Smelser says:

    A scene from ‘Bloodsport’ with JCVD edited as a Mentos Commercial #funny 

  3. Mark Nidenko says:

    This really is very special

  4. v2penny says:

    haha… fkn perfect!

  5. Linkzor24 says:

    Hail Corporate.

  6. jay rey says:

    Only way to fully understand this is to have been born before the 90’s.
    Fucking hilarious 

  7. Jason Howell (raygun01) says:

    This is perfect.

  8. Quincy Earl Jones says:


  9. Michael Atkinson says:

    I tried Mentos. I then broke both my legs trying to balance between two
    trucks. Never trust advertising. 🙁

  10. Andrew Melder says:

    Love it!

  11. Karl Smith says:

    I am speechless. 

  12. TheoBrixtonTheKid says:

    Thanks for sending me back to my teens..

  13. tedsixzero says:


  14. Pierre Bertin Luly says:

    #mentos #bloodsportsmovie 

  15. Captain stix says:

    The black guys is Wyatt from Prison Break.

  16. Emri Vata says:

    This is perfect.

  17. elmuan says:


  18. iknown0thing says:


  19. Tehnex says:


  20. Salud.y.Vida says:

    80’s kids rejoice.