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On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote goes digging for Bloodworms!

Just below the surface of the mudflats on the Eastern Seaboard lives one of the only venomous marine worms in the world…the creepy and bizarre Bloodworm!

Welding a toothy proboscis to strike their unsuspecting prey this creature uses its copper fangs to inject a toxin that paralyzes its victims so it can slurp them up for dinner. YIKES!

It goes without saying when it comes to the venomous bloodworms we know for a FACT that they will strike under the mud, but will they bite a human?…and if so, just how bad is the bite?!

Get ready to find out!

Huge thanks to Anthony Knowlton, AKA “Tiller” for taking the crew on this muddy but surprisingly fun filled adventure!

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20 Responses

  1. Iggycat95 says:

    So glad I wasn’t eating

  2. Makell Rose says:

    I love how this channel never clickbaits…

  3. Brave Wilderness says:

    ✅ *Love you guys. you deserve this gift. 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)*

  4. Daniël Meijer says:

    those creatures hide under the beach sand alot. nice day at the beach everybody 😆


    Don’t eat and watch this

  6. Marilyn Naik says:

    1 like=1 like of satisfaction

  7. CLASH GAMES says:

    So satisfying when they were digging

  8. Mohamed Sadiq says:

    When he was scooping the mud I thought that was satisfying

  9. Zaui Chi says:

    I almost puked while I saw the worm

  10. FJ says:

    “I’m coyote Peterson, and I’m about to dip my balls, in to a bowl of flesh eating pirañas.”

  11. Brave Wilderness says:

    ✅ *We are giving Stuff Away to all of you* 🙂

  12. PsychoPanda9000 says:

    what the hell is this blood demon you came across?

  13. t beck says:

    shouldve done it with the people from filthy rich

  14. Rolling Thunder says:

    Anyone else used bloodworms to fish?

  15. Jamez Zusman says:

    me when I was 5 idk how id be now if I found one of these fookers

  16. Prophis says:

    absolutely disgusting. do not put these back in the wild.

  17. MM L says:

    So what do you do for a living?
    I’m a doctor
    I’m a pilot
    Uuuhhhh… I rake mud

  18. Dev Alvarez says:

    get a tarantula on you so people can see how utterly lazy thry are.

  19. Unicorn says:

    You found the bloodworm, now find the hammer head worm :^)

  20. Goga s says:

    4:53 That’s so damn satisfying..

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