*BLOONS TD* Role in Among Us

*BLOONS TD* Role in Among Us

We add a BLOONS Imposter mod in Among Us

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21 Responses

  1. Inner Demon says:

    Hey Ian, why didn’t you invite tewtiy? He would of loved this mod!

  2. Capitan Cookieboi says:

    Ian: Get ur task done
    Past Ian: Get ur task done
    Also past Ian: *did not finish his last task*

  3. Claude Jr says:

    that pun at the start would be good for a derp ssundee intro. i still want those back btw

  4. stalin the wapter says:

    Try six of asking for the “purge mod”

  5. Namjun Kim says:

    ian: the imposter is a bloons master
    Me:are you sure it isn’t a MONKE

  6. Joseph Lau says:

    When Corey Sigils and Henwy died they lined up lol

  7. Dereque Johnson says:

    The joke in the intro just makes me miss Derp Ssundee.

  8. Yahia Suhaeb says:

    Loakum The code was lookumz and loaf mixed together 😂

  9. A XXXKittyCatXXX 666 says:

    Next Up: Atiseptci VS Darkiplier Roles in Among Us

  10. MiaFalcon says:

    Yeah you know.
    Just Ssundee calmly talking while someone is dying.

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