Blowing Cash Prank!! – HONESTY TEST

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19 Responses

  1. cody dubois says:

    I’m thankful for people like u u r just so nice to homeless people keep it

  2. gretasandiego says:

    Where is this city where everyone is so honest? I want to move there!

  3. Hollow says:

    You cancer organisms are why racism is here to this day haha.

  4. WeGottaSituationGTL says:

    That honesty doe

  5. Trevor Webb says:

    That’s has money look see he’s picking in up!

  6. Killerspree14 says:

    The people who actually try to give back are the best people around. The
    others who just hid the money in their pants or sweaters are not loyal at
    all. Shame to those people..

  7. Peter Griffin says:

    The same people on here complaining that Roman only gives away money to
    make money are the same people that don’t donate a $1 to any cause whether
    its feeding the homeless, cancer etc…

  8. Alexander Acevedo says:


  9. Ragg muff says:


  10. Antonio Cheng says:

    @kof2002kof O un pulquito, o una putas. A huevo, a dartelo a ti? Mejor se
    lo doy a tu jefa! ;)

  11. Dave Davis says:

    Samuel jr jackson at 3:45 

  12. Terry Royer says:

    I wish they would do more of these than the “in the hood” pranks. 

  13. Karmelita Straight says:

    Us blacks are just as racist as white people. …. So take y’all
    sentimental asses to bed.

  14. CosT Vision says:

    lots of people being nice
    so would I give the money back 

  15. Kris Perez says:

    Wow people are geedy money fucks

  16. RedDot Pranks says:

    Awesome video !! Do check out our channel we do pranks too. We’re from

  17. Samatar Nur says:

    Hmmmm he only offers the white people rides

  18. xlighx11 says:

    God Bless you more roman. 🙂 loyal soldier :)

  19. Ello Elgin says:

    if it were fifties no one would stop him