Blueface – Baby Momma Drama [Official Music Video]

Blueface – Baby Momma Drama [Official Music Video]

Blueface baby

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32 Responses

  1. Darnell Darden says:

    It’s crazy how he flipped all this drama and uses it to his advantage. Call him whatever you want but he’s obviously not a dummy

  2. Nina Sky says:

    Blueface is a genius. He has been honest with both woman and look what it got him? Both woman to remain and be willing to accept him as he is. As a woman, I can’t be upset. Unfortunately CR and Jaidyn are both in love with a man who will eventually collect money off them both and leave them for another woman in the end. Again…this man is a genius 👏

  3. nae nae says:

    This is actually better then his and jaidyns lol. I fucks with it

    • shenika De says:

      I like jayden videos it’s two different styles

    • Just a Nobody says:

      I think it’s better as well only cause it’s more their speed and flows with their style. Don’t get me wrong I like Jaidyns sound too but there’s definitely a big difference with the two. To be honest he looks happier with Rock and Rock shows Blue the attention vs Jaidyn is kinda about herself in her videos.

    • nae nae says:

      Yesss that part

    • shenika De says:

      @Just a Nobody he’s more a Lil grounded with Jay which that’s a good thing rock on the other hand is the party girl not wife material which life ain’t a party all the time so I’m sure he’s gonna feel little more free when he’s home he has to play the family guy I like him with Jay he be looking more healthy and it’s less drama

  4. Vee S.T-Rob says:

    Im a old head shouldn’t even be watching this,but I now understand what these two represent! We used to call it “home, lover ,friend” these two will always bring out the best and the worst but its a crazy vibe. Good luck to them! Prays for all and congratulations!

  5. Mizz9211 says:

    Okay okay I like this one low key. Rock really gives a vibe. Their vibes are so different. They seem like they just cool ass homies. Unforced energy in the video. Idk rock is a performer though. She actually entertains. I liked the video

    • Kyersheika Ford says:

      Yes I said that. Rock is the inner him n Jai is the claim him

    • Hope Hanna says:

      They are , that’s how it started until they decided to sleep together. Never mix business with pleasure. But one they are both mature to get that money together.❤. Jaidyn I feel still had to mature a little more.

  6. Muni Vilasi says:

    That lil baby diss wild asl 😂😂😂


    this man should’ve got a bachelor or masters in marketing lmao he know what he’s doing….

  8. Jasmine Jenkins says:

    This beat hit hard 🔥

  9. Just a Nobody says:

    Yessss. This is it! Flows right and nothing looks forced or fake. From the beat to the raw lyrics this shyt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 go head Blue and Rock. Need more!

  10. Michelle Staves says:

    Crazy how you can see the energy from them both in this video is 🔥!! This ain’t forced and lyrics bomb! Yeah you did a thing with this Blue! They look like best friends and Rock made this shit even better with her vibes! Love it! I’m streaming it

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