Blueface ft. NLE Choppa – Holy Moly (Official Video) ft. NLE Choppa

Blueface ft. NLE Choppa – Holy Moly (Official Video) ft. NLE Choppa

Official music video by Blueface ft. NLE Choppa performing “Holy Moly” – available everywhere now:

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Music video by Blueface performing Holy Moly. © 2020 Cash Money Records, Inc.

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55 Responses

  1. Elian Suarez says:

    “You that broke you need to steal five dollars?”
    “Yes!!! You that broke you need it back?!?

  2. Toccara Kirk says:

    “you got 5 dollars too?” 💀💀

  3. MaceJJN • says:

    This should become a series called “holy moly” and it’d about rappers in the donut shop like that ^^

  4. Rain The Vampyr says:

    Blue face *sees broke guy on the streets*
    *blue face again* – “Holy Molly”

  5. Cole Blasco says:

    “Aye Chris, loan me a dollar” – Everybody Hates Chris

  6. Brody Hensley says:

    Legend Has It The 5$ Was Spent on n Backwoods And Newports

  7. Jelani says:

    Girl: you that broke you needa steal $5?

    NLE: yea, you that broke you need it back?


  8. Christian Rojas says:

    *Girl* : “Lemme speak to your manager”

    *NLE* :”Huh?”

  9. Neko Matic says:

    1:13 “the weed is laced bruv”


  10. Kejasr says:

    what I thought before watching:
    Blueface: Yea Aiight
    NLE Choppa: Yeah, yeah, yeah

  11. liigeAD says:

    Reread the Title. Like this if you see it 💀

  12. Freud Marckenley says:

    Blueface: “holy moly”
    Travis Scott: “it’s lit”

  13. DribbleGaxd says:

    Girl: “Your that broke you need to steal 5 dollars”
    Also Choppa: “ your that broke you need it back”

  14. 0 Subs With 0 Videos says:

    Didnt know there was 2 rappers named NLE choppa that look and sound the same

    Glad blueface putted them both on a song

    Thank you blueface you a god

  15. Sir Kapalot says:

    Girl: you took my 5 dollars

    Choppa: sisjaunshshdnakshhsgs ya heard me?

  16. Hero George says:

    Here before blueface removes the 2nd “feat.NLE Choppa” in the title

  17. xCommie says:


    The title: *says “ft. NLE Choppa” twice*

  18. Kyan Glass says:

    Everyone else: This is fire

    Me: they get free donuts cause of this song

  19. Blah Blah says:

    -“Let me speak to your manager”
    Huh ? 😂
    Bruh that “huh” made me laugh so hard

  20. Maddy Peters says:

    He was literally doing the TikTok dance 😂

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