Blueface Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Blueface Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Blueface goes Sneaker Shopping at Flight Club in Los Angeles and talks about playing football in high school, his love of blue sneakers, and how he used to do meet and greets in Foot Lockers.


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68 Responses

  1. Complex says:

    Thank you for watching weekly and for your continued support of the show. Sneaker Shopping has been nominated for a Webby! Click here to vote :

  2. Ahmed Alazzawi says:

    Blue face sounds like he got an apple stuck in his throat

  3. JW says:

    Cashier: You like these?

    Blue face: I like Blue

  4. _RaiVixLV_ says:

    bruhh.. He even talking off beat ????

  5. Rick Hagemeijer says:

    This dude be talking like he just had a stroke

  6. Anthony Flores says:

    It’s crazy how the shit he says in his music is actually in his everyday vocabulary ???

  7. little d.b says:

    Blueface: “they bussin ?”
    Joe: “Yea”
    Blueface: “ THEY BUSSIN”
    Joe: “ They dope”
    Blueface” THEY BUSSIN???”
    Joe “ yes sir ?”

  8. O B Y K V N X B Y says:

    After blueface played with daequan he starting throwing ”bap” adlibs randomly

  9. LeoLeon says:

    Joe: *asks a question*

    Blue face: Memammemamemamamemmeme BLUE FACE YEAH IGHT!

  10. Nicko Cendejas says:

    “But I like blue”
    Buys an all red pair of Jordan’s ??‍♂️

  11. Ibra him says:

    Lol turn subtitles on when Blueface is speaking ??

  12. HG SC says:

    This sneaker store be makin bank off these motha fukas tho..

  13. TheRealRSG says:

    He’s one of the few rappers that I can’t understand a word when’s he’s speaking, but can understand everything when he’s rapping. Lmao

  14. Lil Yeezy says:

    Blueface’s parents still waiting for his first words

  15. FX 亲爱 says:

    Blueface the type of guy that fails lunch at school

  16. Goth Peep says:

    I ain’t even hating any more this dude funny as hell lmao. He ever quit making music he could do some comedy frfr. ??

  17. DisinfectantWipes says:

    cashier: “your total will be $2346”


    *yea ightt*

  18. Sister Sky says:

    Literally nobody:
    Not one person in the world:

    Blueface: *i lIKe bLUe*

  19. VibezStudios says:

    Blue face the type of guy to climb a glass wall to see what’s on the other side

  20. young savage says:

    Complex- ” So blueflace why cant you stay on beat?

    Blueface-“Yea ight”

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