Blueface Stop Cappin (Official Music Video)

Blueface Stop Cappin (Official Music Video)

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59 Responses

  1. BigPauleyCoupe says:

    First we had fast rappers,
    Then we had mumble rappers,
    Now we have offbeat rappers

  2. KaiiSpams says:

    Whos Here Before 5 million Views ??

  3. Noah Burger says:

    This dude funny as hell for that ????????? #bleedem

  4. The Music Plug says:

    “Curry in the clip but I’m shooting like Scottie Pippin” BlueFace

  5. the bad kids says:

    finally he”s mopping the hard floor not the ground ?

  6. HBIjanuary says:

    How could I slip if I’m the one doing the mopping ??????

  7. SauceVibes _ says:

    Imagine blueface as your school janitor?

  8. Thekaianator says:

    “n*ggas want beef til I bring it to they kitchen”

  9. isondico says:

    biggest 2019 rap beef: blueface vs the beat

  10. Emeraldgreen Chad says:

    Blue face was a maid before he started rapping

  11. Curly head Lui says:

    Everyone gangsta till blue face the school janitor ?

  12. Branden Eskridge says:

    Literally nobody

    Still nobody
    Blueface: STOP CAPPIN

  13. Orlyn Urbina says:

    “Pop out least expected like a mention “ ??‍♂️???

  14. 2003natedogg says:

    Blueface should make a song with NBA YoungBoy

  15. Wolf Music says:

    bruh that guy in the beggining slipped and blueface caught him … he caught him slipping

  16. Hoodie Issa says:

    Producer: I finally finished the beat
    Blueface: A beat?

  17. Priest by day Pimp by night says:

    There he go with the infamous mop again

  18. Zevnn says:

    mop the floor hide the wet sign just to catch em slippen?

  19. GD_ Luminati says:

    Blueface: “sending my verse right now”

    Producer: “I ain’t even finish the beat”

  20. OFB GANG says:

    DAX: I was a janitor im better at mopping

    Blueface: STOP CAPPIN

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