Bluetooth Smart Lock Fire Test

Bluetooth Smart Lock Fire Test

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20 Responses

  1. Ryan Symons says:

    I don’t see the point in these locks, don’t you have to power them very

  2. king jeggy! says:

    pretty cool ha?

  3. AsdfTacos says:

    Next test open a Lock with a Rocket Launcher

  4. Shadow wolf & Shadow DJ Bro says:

    tank you so muca

  5. JackTheDiviner says:


  6. Armaan Kapoor says:

    Hi CrazyRussianHacker I dare you to reply to this comment!!!

  7. đờ mờ cái bọn cmt 1 says:

    and boom

  8. Oscar Rangel says:

    fun experiment turned into an awesome product review! hahahahaha

  9. Zachary Conway says:

    what does he say in his intro

  10. Mitzos SirReal says:

    wow… a lock with a battery… best idea ever – NOT

  11. HeliumDragonSkater says:


  12. Marco Powell says:

    Or you can just get a bolt cutter…

  13. Nevin Cox says:

    a lock that can be hacked hahaha no

  14. Emmanuel Fernandes says:

    Turn on Captions Thank Me Later

  15. i`m famous says:

    To lock it, lock it!

  16. Waleed Bin Alim says:

    Meanwhile at the torch company: Holy Schmoly our sales are going high !!

  17. The Lithuanian Gamer says:

    he is showing people if or if not you can brake into a room by burning

  18. Andrew Geerdts says:

    Speeding it up by 500X, that’s a looooong time. 2 hours and 40 min

  19. Niklas Uhl says:

    Try the hardest abus or burgwächter kock

  20. Matthew Mizell says:

    Hey bud. I love watching your experiments, but usually in movies you see
    people breaking locks after they freeze them with liquid nitrogen. Would
    love to see you test that one.