Blur – There Are Too Many of Us

Blur – There Are Too Many of Us

New album ‘The Magic Whip’ out April 27.
Pre-order now and get the tracks ‘There Are Too Many of Us’ and ‘Go Out’ instantly*:
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The video is available to watch in Germany here:

Directed by Blur
Edited by Matt Cronin
Shot during rehearsals March 2015
Artwork by Tony Hung
Additional footage shot by Blur HQ and crew

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20 Responses

  1. AmbroseCadwell says:

    This is definitely going to be more like the non-single tracks off the
    fifth album than anything else they’ve done. Which is cool.

  2. Christy O'Faghan says:

    this is wrong – there are 7.2 Billion people on the planet

    BUT… we are only using 17% of the World’s agricultural land to feed us

    and all 7.2 Billion of us could easily live in an area about the size of
    the state of Texas, with a nice big house and garden each

    oh and just on the agricultural land, we could easily irrigate some deserts
    and reclaim land from the sea if we needed more of it

    Blur ar dum

  3. Len Boatman says:


  4. Adam Heitman says:

    I should start by saying that I have listened to blur so much that Leisure
    is now my favourite album. So, in this situation, I should decline from
    comment as I know my opinion cannot be unbiased. However I won’t and I
    think once the bass kicks in this is good and will grow. Not sure about the
    compression on the vocals. And the synths sound a bit ‘Great Escape’! Still
    I have to admit this new music is the most exciting thing thats happened in
    my life in the last few years (hopefully not your’s too). All the best and
    see you in Hyde Park.

  5. Борщев АН says:

    show must go on

  6. kemicon says:

    Sometimes a band you used to like puts out new stuff and you want to like
    it but you just can’t… This is not one of those times.

  7. Brenda Madrigal says:

    Dear Damon Albarn: I love you, but I also think you can do SO much better.

  8. Luisa Alejandra says:

    love U guys

  9. Nαtø ☽ says:

    Beautiful song, I need the lyrics now ^o^/

  10. White & Fluffy says:

    Thanks for cosmic tango ^^ ))))))

  11. Tomás Orellana says:

    I disagree in some points, i think sounds Blur or a solo Damon Albarn
    stuff, but doesnt sound like Gorillaz, in that case some of the 13 album
    sounds like Gorillaz. Although i think “Go Out” the first song that we all
    knew sounds more Blur than this one, nobody denies that the first single
    sounds like Blur. And let’s faced, doesn’t have to sound like old blur
    stuff, Albarn and Coxon are together in the band and they evolved, so in
    some momentos have to sound classic blur stuff and some doesnt. Think Tank
    sounds more an Albarn with the other two, but its not Blur, its BLU.. as
    Albarn said in the conference and was, although its a good album but it
    doesent get close to 13 one of their best records. I hope that this one,
    will be better than Think Tank, both new songs are good. And thank god they
    will be playing live. Cheers!

  12. WeabeMusic says:

    pwetty gud swong

  13. jim jimerson says:

    A baseline and two riffs away from a classic. Really could have benifited
    from some refinement; the psychodelic synth movement toward the end just
    gets buried under the strings, it all feels a little too amorphus and
    indistinct to me, an opportunity missed.

  14. a Graham Coxon fan says:

    i don’t know why people are not enjoying the magic whip :/ it just sounds
    soooo goood <3

  15. Sharon Powell King says:

    What do you think of their new song/album?

  16. Fink Alt says:

    2:50 watch out your feet damon!

  17. Marianne Teulieres says:

    Le tout dernier clip de BLUR
    ” There Are Too Many Of Us ”

    De l’album ” The Magic Whip ” qui sortira fin Avril …

  18. Cyanide Breathmint says:

    Why can’t I press that thumbs up button more than once?

  19. sam chiang says:


  20. 4evermod says:

    Passive smoking. Watch out. The “Health” police will be after you!