Bo Burnham on New Movie Eighth Grade & Making YouTube Videos

Bo Burnham on New Movie Eighth Grade & Making YouTube Videos

Bo talks about his new critically acclaimed movie Eighth Grade, the awkwardness of being that age, making YouTube videos in high school, and calls out a high school drama teacher for not casting the star the movie Elsie Fisher in the play.

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Bo Burnham on New Movie Eighth Grade & Making YouTube Videos

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61 Responses

  1. Leo Odgers says:

    I thought Bo hated talk shows other than Conan?

    • Andy Carr says:

      Sophie, he just takes issue with Colbert’s Late Show because it’s so tame and safe and harmless. The Colbert Report was so aggressive and clever in the jokes it pursued and who it went after. The Late Show is just another Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, except not as hyperactive and childish.

    • Sophie Maier says:

      Andy Carr Thanks a lot!

    • Tyler Zimmer says:

      Can you source this?

    • Tyler Zimmer says:

      Like can you pull up an interview or clip where he said he doesn’t like Colbert?

  2. Jack L. Gansner says:

    Just wondering, do these kinds of YouTube channels get diamond play buttons?

  3. Vlad Vale says:

    What’s with all standup comedians turning actors/directors?

  4. Hide The Chicken says:

    Full interview on Youtube? WHAT?

  5. Fran McAllister says:

    Bo looking grown up?? This is highly unusual

  6. Matthew B says:

    Bo Burnham is a very talented guy, in alot of areas. Deserves alot.

  7. Gustavo Fernandes says:

    Bo, omg.

  8. The Video says:

    Did that man just rock a turtle-neck on live television?

  9. Shannon Dean says:


  10. zakaria bouski says:

    Jimmy : “I have to credit my nephew Carson ho told me about you when you were on youtube,but heein aaa aaa Im, usualy Im ,oh ,theise youtube.. but Im oh yeah ! This kid is realy talented! ”
    Wtf jimmy ?! You dont have to demean all youtubers just because theiy are taking away your fan base , this kid is not the only talented one .

    • tyalaman says:

      Nah that’s a pretty reasonable take from a casual person when they see what usually becomes famous from Youtube like all the personality-driven fake drama laden vloggers that thrive off the worst bs. Like the Paul brothers. But Bo was kinda an OG of this. I remember watching his stuff in 2008 or 9 so to see his evolution from youtube to words words words to his other two specials to this movie has been incredible.

  11. Dagelijkse Dosis Internet says:

    *Bo deserves all the praise he gets*

  12. Iyad Naseer says:

    I dont like how Jimmy looks down on Youtubers. You know it’s new media and what kids look at these days Right? Most of my friends don’t even own Tv’s. So

  13. Mikaela says:

    Jimmy Kimmel is so condescending for absolutely no reason. Bo Burnham is beyond talented, a true genius who is out here creating art that most people won’t ever be able to beat and jimmy is sitting there treating him like some “YouTuber”

    • kittydreamz86 says:

      Jimmy seems to genuinely enjoy talking to him and has high praise for his work…. How is that condescending??

    • vayancraft says:

      Mikaela he wasn’t treating him like some YouTuber he said he was talented and he seemed like he was a fan of his work.

    • Christopher Scotts says:

      “a true genius who is out here creating art that most people wont be able to beat”

      Damn, you truly get Bo.

      What happened to “I am an artist, please dont revere me?”

    • dead channel says:

      Jimmy Kimmel has always been a prick, somebody needs to deflate his ego

    • hello its me says:

      Mikaela i don’t know what interview u just saw but it was certainly not this one.

  14. •Antoniø Brah• says:

    Awesome guy! One of my most favorite comedians out there! Much love and respect to Bo Burnham!

  15. Alice G. says:

    I must say, that despite the irony of Bo’ s presence on a talk show, it is in my opinion not a “hypocrite act”, as I have seen writen here. It is a movie promotion before anythinh and it doesn’t involve him only, but young actors whom career might be changed for the better if the film does well. Furthermore, I think the mindset of 25 yo guy trying to deal with fame is not the mindset of a 27 or 28 yo writer/movie producer.
    I completely understand his choice and am really happy to see him doing so well.

  16. WhatTheKoray says:

    Seeing Bo laughing makes me happy

  17. andrineslife says:

    Hmm, I thought he said art was dead.

  18. Rishabh Kumar says:

    He is rocking that Steve jobs look.

  19. This is my name says:

    He talks a lot with his hands

  20. Madilyn Schroeder says:

    I am so happy to see him doing well, though I do miss his videos

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