Board Game Video Games – Scott The Woz

Board Game Video Games – Scott The Woz

Scott’s bored.
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41 Responses

  1. Sonic Psycho says:

    Well now you GOTTA do video game board games

  2. PrimalFish says:

    2:09 he could of easily plugged in the ‘Scot the woz edition’ of monopoly

  3. diddy dong says:

    Scott saying “goatse” is not something I ever thought I’d hear. Well done

  4. LeNigel100 says:

    The 3:30 dice emptying your pockets scene where he just spat out a die in the middle of that got me 🤣

  5. Théophile Caceres says:

    I guess im gonna use my imagination for some Scott the Woz-themed Jenga now.
    10:47 Can’t believe there’s a reference to this in 2022.

  6. okapi says:

    I felt the joke coming a mile away but “F*ckin’ Jenga!” still got me

  7. Slovv Motion says:

    You ever buy 21 bottles of mustard for a 1 second joke?

  8. Spudow mah brethren says:

    Now I get not mentioning the Asmodee board game video games, they’re less well known.

    But how could you forget the masterpiece that is NES Pictionary???

  9. Tm Emolga says:

    This is now the funniest Scott the woz video I’ve ever seen

  10. The Rated Oni Channel says:

    While it is fun to see Scott showing all those old school board game video games, he is only scratching the surface with them; yes, I know he is doing for the humour while showing and reviewing how these games play, but there are tons of really interesting board games now that have video game versions, Monopoly is like the board game equivalent of Tiger Electronics; you look into the Switch and you will find pretty damn good versions of Catan, Pandemic and even Carcassonne.

    Gotta say, I prefer to play Root in digital form, it is a lot easier to teach it thanks to the digital version considering how convoluted it can get due to all the factions and their rules, but the absolute best video game version of a board game is without a doubt Gloomhaven, now I don’t have to take half an hour setting a single quest, nor do I need a forklift to move the damn box!

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