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What’s the 44 Club? Well it all started in the outro of this video where we wondered if anyone was still watching the video at that point, and to comment 44 (Scott’s fave number) if they were. Brett then said 44 Club get on board and the rest is history. The 44Club is the official How Ridiculous fan club made up of people who love our videos and watch them right to the very end. We’ve even got 44 Club merch now! So yeh, that’s the story. Pretty random but good fun at the same time.

We are passionate about seeing children released from poverty and we would love you to consider sponsoring a child with Compassion. We visited our sponsor children in the Philippines and were blown away by the difference that child sponsorship can make. To find out more about sponsoring a child right now, check out:

What Slow Mo Camera Do We Use? We’ve got the The Chronos 1.4 which shoots 1500fps at 720p. Check it out here

A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it’s not far from Perth. Western Australia:

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47 Responses

  1. N9Vibez YT 2 says:

    Good marketing boys I watched the Mark river one and I wanted to see the rest so I came to ur channel props to you bud

    Great Calab

    • Jack Doyle says:

      If you haven’t seen this channel before you can lose a lot of time watching 3 aussie blokes hang out dropping stuff 😂

      A LOT of time 😂

  2. Shady! says:

    1:33 tragic moment that poor guy was left hanging 🙁

  3. Cam D. says:

    The more compact and dense the better! Basically an insanely heavy atlas stone.

  4. Plasma Blast Productions says:

    7:36 That should be Mark Rober’s outro song

  5. TheWeirdOneYT says:

    When you guys hit 6 million drop 6 million gummy bears

    Like so How Ridiculous sees

  6. Pac0 Master says:

    I’d love to see you guys drop a bunch of anvils
    that must be pretty intense

    Or a big concrete slab

  7. Ashton Pool says:

    One day, when they’ve run out of content, they’ll find a way to drop themselves. (Also, drop a trampoline on the trampoline?)

  8. MissMargaret says:

    “It’s still in ship shape.”
    Me: Uhhhh no, it most definitely is not and oh you meant the tramp, not the boat.”

  9. Brad Kittinger says:

    Comtest: I want to see either a bunch of Rexy’s, or a giant Rexy

  10. Jack Smith says:

    You guys should drop 100 flashlights on to a trampoline at night

  11. ABathingNate says:

    13:45 “It’s still in Ship Shape” LOL no pun intended

  12. Brian Roney says:

    “Why did the back bit fall off?”
    “Dropped on a trampoline.”
    “Dropped on a trampoline?”
    “Dropped on a trampoline.”
    “Is that unusual?”
    “Oh, yeah. On a youtube channel? Chance in a million.”

  13. Coaster Labs says:

    “it’s still in ship shape”
    Maybe for Disney World’s Jungle Cruise…

  14. Andrew Orders says:

    The boat drop was underwhelming, the bowling balls were the highlight

  15. 임박사 says:

    14:06 look at that seat flying away from the boat maybe it was an ejection seat

  16. go canada says:

    *LOVE THE AUSTRALIAN ACCENT!* They can literally give a whole speech about knitting and i would listen to the entire thing.

  17. Mark Hashman says:

    Words I never expected to hear on this channel:
    “Maybe not _heavy_ enough.”
    “We have a *boat* coming.”

    “…It’s gonna be okay.”

    “We freakin’ *bounced* a *boat!*”
    “Ah Herron, I just need a freakin’ hug! I need a hug after that!”

  18. Brock Rohlfs says:

    Scott: “Alright everyone, hold your hats. If you don’t have a hat on, hold your heart —should all have one of them.”

    Heartless People: 😈😈😈

  19. Andrea Cakes says:

    *”Hold your hats and if you don’t have a hat, hold your heart, you should all have one of them”* 🤣

  20. A says:

    *”We might take just take a couple of cheeky steps backwards”* why did i laugh when he said this

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