Jumping into space, the N-1 Naboo royal starfighter is seen heading towards what I think is the forest moon of Endor.

R2 drops into a sleep and the ant droids build a bench for him, where he sits to wait.
Luke and Grogu are seen meditating atop a hill. The deep fake is the best I’ve ever seen and it literally looks like a young Luke Skywalker 5 years after return of the Jedi.

As they meditate, Grogu raises a frog with the force to eat when Luke wakes up and looks at him all funny. Raising dozens of frogs with the force so Grogu sees maybe using the force can bring me more of what I want. I think Luke is doing this to show Grogu the difference in force abilities, and also maybe to entice Grogu, as we learn he’s having a hard time training him because of how loosely into it Grogu is. They take a walk and Luke tells Grogu about Yoda, about how size matters not.
Asking Grogu if he remembers anyone talking in riddles like Yoda back home. Then Luke asks him if he wants to remember, and touches his head, showing us a vision of Grogu’s memories during Order 66. The first thing I’m going to mention is how the aura vignette is like Anakin’s visions of Padme in revenge of the Sith. Grogu is remembering actually being there at the Jedi temple. 3 Jedi are protecting him during the raid on the Jedi temple by the 501st.
The 501st are the clone troopers loyal to Anakin Skywalker. They fought with him during the clone wars, and marched the temple with him during Order 66. Now as for who the Jedi were, I don’t know but I do know who they aren’t. They’re not cin drallig, as Anakin was fighting him in the hologram obi wan sees back at the Jedi temple, and Anakin also terminated Cin Drallig in the Revenge of the Sith video game and the novelization, so I doubt this would be how Drallig dies. The other two are just Jedi knights I think who are probably stationed there to protect grogu, maybe by orders of master Yoda, or someone else. As for who took Grogu, I’m not sure, but ‘ll make some theory videos on who I think it might be.
Also I zoomed in on his lightsaber, and it’s not Cin Drallig’s.
Pretty insane how the 501st shoot at the already lifeless body of the Jedi. We are taken back out of the flashback and Din is surprised by Ahsoka. He asks to see Grogu, and she basically tells him it’ll just make it harder for Grogu if he sees him again.
He wants to gift him the beskar chainlink armor. It’s his right as a foundling. A mandalorian foundling that is. Ahsoka questions why is he not a Jedi Padawan now, instead of a foundling? Din seems heartbroken and this scene is very breaking. As we know Din realizes he must not make it harder for Grogu if he sees him. So he chooses what’s best for Grogu in the moment and gives the gift to Ahsoka Tano to give to Grogu. Blasting off in his N-1 Naboo starfighter as Grogu reaches out for him. It was a really beautiful scene and I know they’re writing it this way to increase the tensions of Grogu and Din finally meeting one day.

Luke trains with Grogu much like how he trained with Yoda on his back. He runs through the forest much like Dagobah, and even does the same front flip like in the empire strikes back. Luke speaks of balance. This is something qui-gon preached. I love how we’re seeing a bit of a legends Luke here where he’s taking ideologies of the Jedi from the republic and moulding them into his own way, a better way. Not so dogmatic as palatine would tell Anakin.

Luke has Grogu standing on one leg just like he did on one hand, and trains with his green lightsaber as Grogu watches on in curiosity. He trains Grogu with the marksman training remote. This is the one we saw Obi-Wan use on Luke in a new hope all those years ago. This was Luke’s first entrance into the force and to train his Jedi reflexes. Something Qui-Gon noticed in Anakin very quickly upon their meeting.
Grogu is a quick learner and beings leaping with the force much like Yoda, flipping, dodging blasts from the remote when Ahsoka remarks that Luke taught him well, as Luke says, he’s beginning to remember more than his teaching and we get a beautiful line where she tells him sometimes the student guides the master, as she smiles and looks like she’s reminiscing of her time with Anakin. Now, we also must recall, Grogu was powerful in the force and trained with the Jedi in the temple for almost 50 years, where somewhere along the way, he or rather someone made him lose his memory.

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49 Responses

  1. Star Wars Theory says:

    Man, this Star Wars was absolutely amazing. The limitless possibilities for the future of Star Wars is limitless with this new technology.
    I can’t believe we actually got all that. Thanks for joining this breakdown and being with the community during the watch party.
    Much love.
    Great day for Star Wars fans.

  2. Mr Chicken6568 says:

    If Boba Fett was just playing it soft to build an army, and in the finale he goes coldblooded I will be very happy.

  3. Gary K says:

    Don’t think you’ll see Luke in action fighting the Pykes. That would severely undercut Boba, Mando and the whole crew to the point where Boba would be viewed as virtually useless.

  4. Ubi Nine says:

    The frog analogy: Grogu only hears and sees the frog and decides to use the force for his personal benefit to catch one. Luke’s lesson is that when using the force correctly, you can “see” life all around you, connect with it and borrow its energy. The narrow path of personal profit is similar to counting on what you only see or hear. Becoming one with the force expands your vision inifinitely, thus no longer being blind to life forms only a few metres away.

  5. Killer Boy Snap says:

    The best thing about this for Luke is, even thoe hes wise and matured, he still doesnt know what to do. Him asking Ahsoka for guidance shows he still learning about being a Jedi, like his father.

  6. GreatIDeaS says:

    I have a feeling they’re going to do some character development with Luke as well. He seems like he doesn’t know what he’s doing and will gradually learn about the dogmatic view the Jedi held eventually lead to their downfall. Im hoping they honestly do Luke justice by following some plot points in legends where his order allowed attachment but taught priority.

    • Grimprime01 says:

      Well Ashoka did say teachers get taugh as much as their students, foreshadowing maybe? Maybe in the start grogu picks din and the y go to drop him off and they get pulled into the big fight. Luke is in a fight with let’s say a shadowy figure and Din is dealing with bane and is losing wile trying to protect him and grogu wearing the armour. Luke returns from his fight to see grogu putting up a fight to cad, and grogu takes yodas light saber making his choice and teaching Luke and din something

    • pleaced reacts says:

      @Elisha E I don’t think so because Luke showed how he hated the old way of the Jedi with having no attachments I think that he wants Grogu to pick the armor and will still give him the Lightsaber to start a new age of the Jedi

    • Aro Drev says:

      Thing is if the new Jedi order ended like the new one, slaughtered by a turned pupil of their own; then they’re definitely going to make the same mistskes

    • Russell See says:

      They may be re-writing / reconning hoping he loses his connection with Grogu (he clearly is going to pick Mando or at least go with him. he has a bubble on the N1) so he doesn’t screw up Ben Solo. Problem is Boba has been shit on and is stupid and weakly written

    • Elisha E says:

      I really hope he won’t keep pushing the whole “no attachments” thing.

  7. BangingMash says:

    The Luke deepfake is amazing, and they wouldn’t have included Luke without the ability to do such an amazing job making him look realistic. The team behind that deserve an award, without a doubt!

  8. Stuingtion says:

    Seeing Cad Bane return in this form had me mind blown beyond all levels.
    As I was convinced he was gone at this point. But seeing he is still around, was the biggest twist to me of all.

    • Sam Bridgers says:

      @Hate Myself Ah, here we go. More haters that can’t appreciate TCW.

    • Michaellepow says:

      It seemed like he wasn’t gonna draw until that rookie sheriff lost his cool

    • Hate Myself says:

      That blue idiot with a stupid cowboy hat looked so ridiculous. I mean seriously. This show just gets worse and worse.

    • Sam Bridgers says:

      @Claymanfilms Quite likely. I would’ve preferred a flashback of Daniel Logan fighting him, but this will work too.

    • Claymanfilms says:

      Yeah I thought there was still a chance that they killed him off like in the unfinished Clone Wars episode, but once he showed in Bad Batch I guess they made it non canon. Super awesome to see hes still alive, I bet we’ll get the duel between him and Boba in this finale?

  9. D D says:

    I felt like Luke lifting up all the frogs was a callback to yoda lifting up Luke’s X-wing, and it had that same feeling of making something that the student felt was impossible, very easy. I also think the planet they’re on could be Ajan Kloss, as it seems a bit to exotic to be endor.

    • Truly Significant says:

      I would say it’s Yavin 4 at least that was the place where Luke trained new jedi knights in Legends… we’ll see tho

    • LesPaul2006 says:

      I don’t remember those bamboo sticks on Endor. Besides, there’s no Ewoks.

    • Andrea Lagravinese says:

      that seams Endor

    • Mantankerous says:

      There was also the running scene in the forest with grogu on his back… i mean he even did the flip like he did back in empire. That episode was pure nostalgia and fan service.

      i wanna know grogu’s species and how luke found yodas lightsaber.

    • AMV central says:

      @Cerebrophage with the intent of swallowing you Whole? Na I’m kidding but like.

  10. Geronimo553 says:

    Absolutely loved this episode 11/10. The only parts of the episode I believe you overlooked were the music throw backs. Everything was done so perfectly. Im still amazed that not only does Luke FINALLY get to be what we have all waited for. But also Cad Bane finally gets his semi Boba duel with the man who wore Boba’s armor that was never truly aired. Ever second of this episode was well crafted and a quality throw back.

    • Master Yoghurt says:

      @OneMoreMinute05 This episode was a great piece of Star Wars but bad episode of The Book of Boba Fett, great to see Cad Bane because he is one of my favourites characters, he and Cobb should be the only cameos there, I counted about 8 cameos in this 1 episode it’s just too much, I can’t believe that Im not fully enjoying episode with Chad Bane but I just feel bad for Boba, Boba who always was a decent character for me and nothing more and still think they made him dirty, Imagine being a side character in 1/3 of your own show, it seems Star Wars fanbase can be easy bought, the only thing you have to do is to put half of the universe in one episode, 1 epic cameo? Nooo 10 cameos? YES!!1 Fuck the main character, who cares that his fans waited 40+ years for this moment, fuck the story cameos cameos cameos! If not of Bane who was great and had sense to appear in this show this episode would be really bad, Bane is my 3rd favourite character, Thrawn is 1st I hope they won’t destroy him

    • OneMoreMinute05 says:

      @Master Yoghurt I’d personally go for a 4.5/10 :/

    • Master Yoghurt says:

      5/10 is max for me

    • Hashim Rahman says:

      And we still have to look forward to Luke turning into a whining, misanthropic coward that attempts to kill his own nephew in his sleep, and the awesome Emo Ren skewering his students, including the admirable Grogu (Rey is the bestest ever anyway). What amazing character arcs!!! 10/10 Disney Star Wars. Can’t wait.

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