Boba Fett VS Predator (Star Wars VS Predator) | DEATH BATTLE!

Boba Fett VS Predator (Star Wars VS Predator) | DEATH BATTLE!

Two interstellar bounty hunters enter DEATH BATTLE!
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43 Responses

  1. OnyxKing says:

    My favorite part of this death battle was how the fire turned the Predator’s own thermal vision against him making him essentially blind.

    • KICK'N IT STRONG says:

      @Scrüb funny thing it wouldn’t mess with his vision…in predator 2 they showed the predators have multiple layers of vision… So right there is another way They dummied down predator….

    • Akosa117 says:

      @Oreo and cookies y’all keep saying this as if predators don’t understand how their own vision works. A predator wouldn’t end up in this situation because it fully would understand what fire and explosions are. predators use weapons that cause fire and explosions dude. This was a very stupid win.

    • Bozmund Arts says:

      @Scrüb *dude has a literal flamethrower*

    • Norseman says:

      Using fire against the predator has also happened in the movies, it’s not a novel idea.
      Besides, the wrist-mounted flamethrower is commonly used by mandalorians when they need to disengage unfavourable melee combat.

    • Oreo and cookies says:

      @Akosa117 y’all say it’s a cheap win yet Boba has the perfect armor and weapons to kill the predator plus his tactics make it difficult for the predator to win HE HAS A LIGHTSABER the predator would have gotten killed regardless as he would obviously use a flamethrower and explosives which would blind the predator

  2. Wandering_Wyvyrn says:

    In one of the Alien vs Predator comics it’s mentioned that Yautja consider humans to be among the most dangerous creatures they’ve encountered, that only the most veteran Yautja are allowed to hunt. And the humans in that setting are worse equipped and far less skilled than the Starwars counterparts

    • Daniel Tukua says:

      @It Burns When IP no need to kill him bro

    • Divider92 says:

      I think i remember in a comic that Yautja challenge human for a duel and the human accept. But human just shot yautja head before even start the match. Its a same way as Bobba Fett do anything to win only differents is that human shot yautja doesnt intend to give it a chance to begin with

    • It Burns When IP says:

      @TheSurgeon13 And this is a hypothetical conversation you can see yourself out of. You’re the one that got involved knowing full well that they’re fictional.

      Anyway, move those goal posts.

    • TheSurgeon13 says:

      @It Burns When IP

      They’re also fictional

    • It Burns When IP says:

      @TheSurgeon13 But they have better inginuity than us in ever single way lol. Hence why we are so far behind them in every aspect of life.

  3. Jiado says:

    It’s weird that the Predator tracks the blood trail, and then just… stabs the tree. Even if he thought Boba was behind the trunk, it doesn’t look like it was even long enough to stab THROUGH the trunk.

    • Thomas Ramirez says:

      @Xplicit basically… they throw out a new blood towards Boba instead of an Elder Yautja.

    • Xplicit says:

      @tayl0rgangbtch or they could just do better research? It’s kinda their job lol

    • tayl0rgangbtch says:

      @ChaneLinks pf u make an animation that accurate. link it to me once ure done, im waiting!

    • ChaneLinks says:

      Not to mention Arnold tried the same trick and the predator tracked him using the vibrations of his heart. I don’t think boba could have climbed the tree without being noticed.

  4. Alex Mercer says:

    Honestly I love the small detail of the yautja using it’s tech that can mimic voices, to taunt boba

  5. AcidGlow says:

    That smart disc arm rip was cool. But I wasn’t surprised for a dead yautja. Seeing as how expendable they are and how they probably don’t want Boba to lose. 💀

    • That One Swarm Drone says:

      @Jason Adair Samus is extremely OP though.

    • Bombadil Squire says:

      Yautja > Cad Bane > Boba. The team fanboyed hard for Boba to win

    • Griffin Crump says:

      @TheDeepThinker 2000 samus definitely still kicks Boba’s ass

    • TheDeepThinker 2000 says:

      @Jason Adair During the video, whiz said at some point(like during the end match expo I think)that fett was basically a one man army? SO IS SAMUS! Err… a one WOMEN army to be precise.. she has SINGLE handedly thwarted ARMIES of races basically on her own, like space pirates and EVEN liberated an ENTIRE PLANET from an evil race(referring to metroid prime 2)all on her own.

      Feats besides the point… if fett SHOULD have lost this match with the predator(Hypothetically speaking)… this WOULDN’T surprise me in the least as death battle DOES have a history of ass pulling facts and numbers(USUALLY numbers, lol)on WHOMEVER they want to actually win the match. though… I MUST say! I was VERY impressed by fetts history feats run down in this video’s explanation(ASSUMING DB DIDN’T exadurate anything). NONE of the things that were mentioned here WEREN’T mentioned during the boba fett vs samus video…. I might even be on some incline that maybe boba fett probably could win against samus. . .

    • Griffin Crump says:

      @FoxWolf FrostFire and ancient yautja or especially wolf would be skilled enough to target his neck which was not covered by beskar

  6. Horizonstrider says:

    Glad Boba finally got a win on a Death Battle. But I feel that physical clash was a bit distorted.
    This is a Yautja we’re talking about here. Not a human. Each of those strikes would had the force of a mac-truck behind them, while Boba (as dangerous as he is) is still a human. The best a human could do is maybe deflect a strike, but certainly not outright challenge (much less stop) one.
    Hmm…. 🤔🤔

    • Alex Vesper says:

      Haven’t seen Predator 2, but Predator 1 ended when Arnie caught the predator in a deadfall trap. They did have a fistfight, which Arnie lost, badly. And Arnie definitely could kick Boba Fett’s ass in a fistfight.

    • WAFFLEooFILMS says:

      @Necrotic Reaper Predator 1 Arnold did go hand to hand with the Predator lol he threw some combo’s and the Predator shrugged it off like nothing and he didn’t even have his mask on. Arnold killed him by basically crawling on the ground beat up and dropped a tree on the Predators head.

      Part 2 Danny Glover was fighting a one handed Predator with the Predators disc weapon that had some power in it but he was barely able to stand up while doing it and not only was the Predator missing an arm he took multiple shotgun blast from Danny. He was blocking the hits though for a moment.

      The samurai one was just stupid at this point doing the quite strike in the grass field bit. He did win but I wouldn’t call that hand to hand combat more like a duel not of strength but skill.

      Boba Fett blocking a hit from a healthy predator would be impossible deflecting yes. His armor would most likely protect him from the predator doing anything like cutting his arm off though. I’m not educated on predator weapons vs Madilorian armor.

    • Rohan Zener says:

      We’re long overdue for N Tropy vs Cynder.

    • Rujewitblood says:

      ​@ItssomeguyLPs are you saying predators have less endurance than humans? I highly doubt it lol

    • ItssomeguyLPs says:

      The important difference between human and yautja is endurance. Humans are pursuit predators, built for sustained bouts of physicality, and thus stick in a fight longer than the yautja can. The first few strikes of the predators might be at full force, but they tire much faster, so the hits get weaker very quickly.

  7. Diego Andrés Camacho says:

    There is no shame in losing against Boba Fett, he will always remember the battle where an alien took his arm.

  8. Just A Dude says:

    DB actually forgot to mention something important from Predator lore: They consider the Xenomorphs, aka Kiande Amedha, or “Hard Meat,” to be what they blood their young warriors on. They consider Humans, aka Pyode Amedha / “Soft Meat,” to be one of their greatest challenges.

    Yeah, they consider modern humans scarier than a hive of bugs, and Fett’s gear is way gnarlier than the stuff the Predators would have had to face when we earned that reputation.

    • Kamike Serpentail says:

      I thought the third movie was forgettable, and I didn’t end up watching the fourth.
      But this next one coming out, Prey, actually kind of seems it might be good.
      It has them hunting some native american people (what’s with calling things prey and having them be about native americans fighting aliens..?)
      Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how they portray that, how humans might have got a reputation like that without modern weaponry.

      Though I truly don’t see how humans can be seen as more difficult to hunt than the Xenomorphs… I guess the intelligence to build traps and have projectile weapons, but it’s not like the Xenomorphs aren’t capable of learning simple things.

  9. Jarod Kent says:

    I really enjoyed this fight’s animation. I would love to see more of this but improved over time! 👍

  10. Snow Tiger says:

    Boba Fett sealing his own wound with a lightsaber is such an incredible detail. It feels true to his character and makes the fight more grisly.

    • dkfrito says:

      @ZenoDLC Same reason soldiers use guns and not swords – swords are not all that effective in modern combat. The jedi have abilities that let them predict movement so it’s an effective weapon for a force wielder, and only ok for everyone else

    • Rodger Broadway says:

      @efug24 2015 Trophy from killing a Jedi.

    • David van der Sterre says:

      The reoccurring gig of losing a hand/arm in Star Wars is also a pretty funny detail.

    • Steve Adeniyi says:

      Agreed 👍🏾

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