Bobby Shmurda & Quavo Link with Icebox in New York on His First Day Out!

Bobby Shmurda & Quavo Link with Icebox in New York on His First Day Out!

Icebox links up with Bobby Shmurda on his first day out in New York! While getting off the jet, Bobby has quite the entourage with him, including Quavo!

Bobby says Quavo never switched up, the whole six years!!

Watch this week’s episode as the Icebox team travels to New York to get Bobby iced-out!





Icebox Diamonds & Watches
3255 Peachtree Road NE
Suite #2
Atlanta, GA 30306
#BobbyShmurda #Quavo #Icebox

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94 Responses

  1. sweet dimond says:

    I can’t wait to see what Bobby picked out

  2. Paul Beatz says:

    Hope his hat finally came back from orbit

  3. Tumpale Chasukwa says:

    This video better start with bobby’s hat landing on His head

  4. Abdi Kebabdi says:

    First day out, man better ice out that hat

  5. Natty Lee says:

    Be honest, who has been a fan for a longer period

  6. {SGN} Avenue says:

    Didn’t even know they had a icebox anywhere other than Atlanta lil baby go to that one so often he got me thinking it’s only one😂😂

  7. Mari Banks says:

    “We gotta go,We gotta go…We have to go…None of y’all on parole?”
    That man aint taking no chances 😂

  8. Ant Murphy Photography says:

    Next episode of icebox:

    Lil baby runs into Bobby Shmurda at Icebox!

  9. The matrix 756 says:

    I pray for everyone’s success

  10. Scott Lauren says:

    Dude doesnt even know what year it is. Everyone has to talk to him like he is 5 years old hahaha

  11. Made in NoLa says:

    Y’all seeing Bobby want quavo in shit quavo not “clout chasing”

    Bobby told dude ass he had a lot of games with him😂

  12. DatBoyMenace says:

    He came out, the hottest rapper. His hype never died down

    • Dont fuckin worry about it says:

      hes not the hottest rapper he has a few hits we will have to see what he puts out hes probaly rusty after all them years but the only legends are the ones who died i think hes hot because he didnt snitch and aloto of people respect him for that will be cool to see his new stuff

    • Armored Titan says:

      Hottest rapper right now is 6ixnine

    • Armored Titan says:

      @CombatVault people are giving him attention because of the quarantine it’s boring

    • 2Golden_Fleece2 says:

      @Eli the dabber goofy chunk

    • Rell Tyrell says:

      @Charles Wellington I agree the best thing that happened for him was going to jail and staying solid cause down south we don’t listen to his ass 😂

  13. Ardn says:

    I heard Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster orbiting in Space caught Bobby’s New York Knicks Hat

  14. 〽 Thang says:

    mfs already fishing money out bobby 🤦‍♂️ let him live bruh

  15. tWiTcH xD says:

    Hopefully he stays focused on the money and the jewelery and stays out of the street shit as much as possible. Welcome home

  16. JaySkrilla - Music says:

    His PO prolly won’t let him leave NY so icebox had to come to him

    • E James says:

      Lol should name drop lil baby get 1500 likes a comment like the dumb asses who now believe they can go to New York IceBox in the top comments BTW that Icebox store was the dopest ive ever seen never seen a jewelry store without the bright lights and glass show boxes everywhere great innovation there😂

  17. Faathi Byrd says:

    Quavo Told Shmurda “It’s Your Time To Shine Do Ya Thing”

  18. Maynor Enamorado says:

    He saying we gotta leave every 5 minutes because he’s not used to being out yet, mans got hella anxiety probably just standing there didn’t even wanna take his mask off

  19. Hector Cordova says:

    “We gotta go, any of ya on parole? Exactly “ priority’s are straight.

  20. Fire Films says:

    Bobby did extra years for his brotha.. that’s real love

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