Bodega Bathroom – SNL

Bodega Bathroom – SNL

A customer (Pete Davidson) asks a bodega owner (John Mulaney) to use the bathroom, setting off a musical chain of events and revealing a secret.

#SNL #JohnMulaney #ThomasRhett #SNL44

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59 Responses

  1. ScarlettP says:

    This is a musical I never knew I needed

  2. theBeesKnees says:

    We got the sequel! The production value on these kills me!

  3. TheSiemek says:

    Nice sequel to the diner lobster skit.

    • Blake S says:

      Nice work by the costume department this week. I wonder if they took the cockroach legs off Don Cheadle’s costume.

  4. Chris Daniel says:

    From the creators of Willy Wonka, Little Shop of Horrors, and Rent, comes Bodega: The Musical.

  5. theBeesKnees says:

    Can we get a series on the real NYC experience in musical form?

  6. Coaster Labs says:

    My God this skit is just..just.. something else ?? the timing is just ?

  7. Francisco Avila says:

    I hope this becomes a running gag whenever John hosts

  8. theBeesKnees says:

    The best line for me was the “iPhone 3” chargers, it’s so accurate and I didn’t know I needed to hear it sung until tonight hahahhaa

  9. Monica R. says:

    I lost it when the candle came out

  10. MILES GAMING says:

    A cinder block attached to the key? ???

  11. Marshall Grayvold says:

    That is how a skit should end

  12. Kate Belanger says:

    Diner Lobster Part 2?????!!!!!!
    I just shat myself

  13. Coaster Labs says:

    Kate as a Virgin Mary candle is everything let’s be honest. My Hispanic butt was on the floor ngl.

  14. jeff vaquera says:

    that bowtie being so off makes this for me.

  15. Пламен Терзиев says:

    This skit is more expensive than my country

  16. Jonelle85 says:

    A++++++++++++ to the costume and wardrobe people at SNL!!!!!!!! ???????

  17. Bonnie Noonan says:

    As usual, Cecily is a really good singer.

  18. Samuel Tillman says:

    They had to do this. You can’t let John Mulaney host SNL without a Lobster Diner sequel anymore

  19. Mustache Walrus says:

    A second installment to the nonsense Mulaney musical parodies, why they exist lol. Amazing

  20. Herbie Shapiro says:

    What bodega Owner is white?

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