Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022) KILL COUNT

Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022) KILL COUNT

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35 Responses

  1. Rep TV Is My 13th Reason says:

    I think this movie is genius in a way that a lot of people kept guessing seriously about who was the killer but that sudden revelation that they just killed each other for no reason was actually shocking but totally realistic. Some people quickly jump to crazy conclusions & theories and it leads to terrible endings.

    • xigmatek says:

      i think it was designed that way. social media nowadays has led to young people assume things they have no context of

    • The Attic Review says:

      Kinda reminds me slightly of Tucker and Dale as far as perception being distorted and not everything is what it appears to be 👏

    • Thedraftingax says:

      Ikr fr I wasn’t expecting any of that to happen and I was disappointed and weirded out by how this was a horror comedy movie instead of a plain regular horror film but other than that the ending of the movie was okay though

    • jake says:

      their reaction may be realistic but the way david killed himself is the most cartoonish thing I’ve ever seen lol

    • my wig ! says:

      exactly! i went in expecting a murder mystery and slowly figured out what was going throughout the movie so when the twist was revealed i felt like it made perfect sense. but naturally the people who went in expecting a slasher movie were prob left disappointed and feeling tricked idk

  2. Insert Name says:

    I actually really enjoy that ending where no one was the killer but it gets the audience trying to guess who it is just like the game they played

    • Werewolf says:

      Yeah I really thought that my money was on Alice because they said she had a Podcast and if theres one thing people love its True Crime podcasts so I was thinking she’d want to do the Classic Ghostface move and pretend to be the sole survivor and then use it to boost views on her Podcast, but I definitely like the movies much more original and funny ending more

    • WRasera 78 says:

      This is good like bodies bodies bodies that was a good movie you should be funny

    • Kyro Howe says:

      Great ending, just for the characters realize their tomfoolery

  3. Interesting Username says:

    I saw this in a theatre with a friend and the collective reaction to the twist was a choir of gasps before giggles and laughter started slowly fading in, absolutely loved it

    • Werewolf says:

      I watched it like 20 minutes ago wish I would’ve seen it in Theaters but I hadn’t heard anything about it or seen trailers so never knew it was in Theaters, I bet the ending was lots of fun in Theaters, I don’t think anyone would’ve guessed that it was all a Series of unfortunate events

    • The Attic Review says:

      Gaaahhh I found out too late it was in theaters and missed out on seeing this on the big screen 😑

    • Kyro Howe says:

      Glad they liked it because it was the pure representation of Gen Z

    • Ghostly JackaBoo says:

      Not related but I love your pfp

    • izzie says:

      i guessed david might kill himself but wasn’t expecting that its so funny 😭

  4. Donkey Toxin says:

    For anyone wondering why the kill counts have been changed from Last Night in Soho and Nope to Malignant and Prey, It’s likely because both Last Night in Soho and Nope are Universal films and James mentioned he had a hard time posting The Black Phone kill count (also a Universal film) because they started allowing people to only use so much footage from their films in videos

  5. Konehead Cokehead says:

    Honestly the research department for Dead Meat deserves a big time raise as soon as possible because they are so good

  6. CoattailRider says:

    I can’t think of anyone who has better sponsor skits than Dead Meat. Whoever it is on the team that thinks of/writes them is hilarious

  7. Konehead Cokehead says:

    It really feels good to see a Gen Z film that isn’t just trying to make fun of the characters and make them look dumb

  8. CyborgCharlotte says:

    Seeing Pete Davidson with all his tattoos on display makes me really appreciate the work of the makeup team on this movie, like damn! It looks so seamless!

  9. Konehead Cokehead says:

    Honestly i just love how much detail James gives to every review it’s really great to see someone really take the effort to research and give it as good of a review as they can

  10. Konehead Cokehead says:

    The amount of layers this film has is honestly really impressive

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