Boeing Gets Grounded and the FAA Is Broke AF | The Daily Show

Boeing Gets Grounded and the FAA Is Broke AF | The Daily Show

Following two deadly crashes of Boeing’s 737 Max planes, Boeing takes another look at its training procedures for the new aircraft, and news reports revisit the relationship between the FAA and airlines on safety regulations.

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109 Responses

  1. Zack Lew says:

    Can we ground the POTUS?

    • Jamel F says:

      Orange man bad

    • Patricia Manzi says:

      Yes, vote him and the Republican enablers out of office in 2020.

    • Errol Vanzie says:

      We should ground his little Twitter fingers on his little Twitter ? ?

    • Anne Pak says:

      +Grace Munich Only liberals could be so confused. Mike Pence is a christian, family man, patriot, gentelman, very capable and intelligent. You claim he is evil while nothing about him. Except he’s with Mr. Trump. That’s it. Pelosi/democrats who are advocating for killing babies and getting free handouts and calling for speech restrictions are the UNAMERICAN, DELUSIONAL, MARXISTS….much like yourself. Socialism is the expression of Satan on earth. You are all being sucked in by a satanic political party.

    • Anne Pak says:

      +Emma Hamilton Flagged. Comment/IP reported to Dept. of Homeland Security for criminal/investigatory referral. Comments like these are unlawful and will be investigated. Flagged for youtube. Threatening the life of a living or former president is Class II Felony

  2. Kerry Ulysse says:

    I’ve been trying to get off Youtube for an hour now to go do calc homework, but then Trevor Uploads.

  3. Phoebe Johnson says:

    Love you trever! You help me cope with our presidential situation.
    Lol, the ipad

    • Kabelo Khothatso Selemela says:

      +David Anderson which South Africa are you referring to? I’m South African

    • Adil Messi says:

      +David Anderson You seem to be spreading hate across the comment section. Wait, you’re just a dude that can’t deal with the fact that their country is becoming a shithole? Oh, nevermind then.

    • Monk Amani says:

      +David Anderson : Where you at dude?

    • Elios Jones says:

      +David Anderson the United States is ruled buy white men and has become a shitholecountry so what are you complaining about the US cannot talk about any other country it is the laughing stock of the world now

    • tony plow says:

      Phoebe, I hope Trevor helps you after Trumps re-election god knows Trevor would never dare live in the country he is from! MAGA! and KAG! LEAVE the USA! IF you WANT!

  4. Patricia A says:

    It explains why the US was so reluctant.

    • Hakageryuu says:

      +fauxbro1983 for someone who obviously hates a man for being black, you sure do ride his dick everywhere.

    • Mugdorna says:

      fauxbro1983 Yes, because Obama was personally overseeing the certification. This is a failure of US industry regulation, not an issue with the Current executive branch. This short cut on training/enforcement was an ongoing issue on industry self regulation. Look at the banking and healthcare sectors.

    • The Lilly says:

      You said it best!!!?????

    • Mason S says:

      +bjoardar Boeing is funded by the government… do you think the government wants planes to be crashing? That spells disaster for a company trying to compete against the EU subsidized equivalent- Airbus. Of course, the private industry now wants nothing to do with it- the airline companies are saying “no” and discontinuing 737s. This overall hurts Boeing, and will force them to look at the plane, if it IS a structural problem- which it isn’t. Right now, its being attributed to pilot inexperience.

    • J D says:

      Patricia A The real reason is far worse. Boeing is a massive force in politics due to its lobbying dollars. You see, Boeing is our top exporter and a premium defense manufacturer. They funnel millions into campaigns to get favorable regulators and politicians in power. The government doesn’t want to hurt trade by harming Boeing’s image with investigations and Boeing doesn’t want to reimburse airlines for lost flight time during the investigation. It wasn’t until China declared they wouldn’t fly the plane until the FAA investigated that Trump grounded the plane.

  5. Vikram Iyer says:

    An hour on an ipad

    Looks like teh FAA took flight simulator games to be the real deal

    • Joachim Murat says:

      +ryan white Its looks like Trevor Noah team didnt looked up, why they only need an Ipad?
      Its the fucking same plane!

    • BottomFragger says:

      +Joachim Murat Except it’s not at all. Different placement of the engines changes the handling of the plane a lot, which is why they introduced the extremely flawed MCAS system to counter this. They didn’t feel the need to even tell pilots about its existence.
      This plane’s competition, the A320 neo, required training for this specific types even for former A320 pilots. Boeing saw this as an opportunity for a selling point by saying “our 737 Max is exactly the same plane, except it’s better in every way” and nobody from the FAA questioned them.

    • Joachim Murat says:

      +BottomFragger Yeah true. But in the video its sounds like they only need to take a Ipad lesson. Its like they are only telling half of the truth.

    • BottomFragger says:

      +Joachim Murat Well he kind of cleared it up at the end but as was pretty confused at first as well.

    • Grim Reafer says:

      Even a real game would have been better training

  6. use the spiritual eye ignore the physical says:

    Hahah this is funny and horrifying at the same time (lol I’m scared)

    • use the spiritual eye ignore the physical says:

      Jones well best of luck to ya do your best to stay safe up there don’t come down to soon okey.

    • Breanna Pemberton says:

      The audience felt the same way, that’s why they weren’t laughing. His jokes are good but shit’s too real.

    • use the spiritual eye ignore the physical says:

      +Breanna Pemberton yep

    • Mason S says:

      You should be fine. The media is over hyping this as a huge issue that it isn’t. The resulting failure of the planes was the computer technology, which, considering its similarity to other aircraft, should have meant the pilots were adequately prepared. Notice how this has not happened in the US, this is because US pilots are generally adequately trained for situations like this, and know how to react to the problem- considering the FAA examined each circumstance and determined that the pilots in both cases did not respond adequately, you now have to question overseas pilots and training received by them; that is outside the enforcement of the FAA. So in the US? You’ll be fine. In a third world country? Hope you have a good pilot.

      And the other good news- free enterprise is working it out as it should; airliners are actually getting rid of 737s because of concern.Also, most planes flown in the US are 747s, so don’t equate the two.

    • Mason S says:

      +Tiffany Lang You should be fine. The media is over hyping this as a huge issue that it isn’t. The resulting failure of the planes was the computer technology, which, considering its similarity to other aircraft, should have meant the pilots were adequately prepared. Notice how this has not happened in the US, this is because US pilots are generally adequately trained for situations like this, and know how to react to the problem- considering the FAA examined each circumstance and determined that the pilots in both cases did not respond adequately, you now have to question overseas pilots and training received by them; that is outside the enforcement of the FAA. So in the US? You’ll be fine. In a third world country? Hope you have a good pilot.

      And the other good news- free enterprise is working it out as it should; airliners are actually getting rid of 737s because of concern.Also, most planes flown in the US are 747s, so don’t equate the two.

  7. lLixensl says:

    Talk about them trying to “Max” out their profits

  8. Common Sense says:

    I knew something was wrong with the FAA when they said the plane was fine 24 hours after the second crash without even having the black boxes and before the investigation.

    • TheNews1990 says:

      +Alexeon 2014… During a republican majority House of Representatives & Senate

    • Addis Kassa says:

      I belive that is why they were not handed the black box.

    • Jonathan Taylor says:

      +chez moi Don’t. I’m so tired of everyone arguing semantics. Hemp and “marijuana” are Cannabis Sativa Linneus. Marijuana is the name given to the flowers of the female Cannabis plant which contain THC. The license to grow hemp that is shown in the 1942 USDA film, Hemp For Victory, reads, “Producer of Marihuana”. Marijuana and hemp are Cannabis Sativa. They are not “distant cousins”, they are not separate species. While everyone keeps trying to make some point about the differences between hemp and “Marihuana”, the police are killing Americans over the exact same Cannabis Sativa plant that helped to stop the Holocaust. Watch the 1942 USDA film, Hemp For Victory. Then watch it again and again and again. Then share it through social media so that everyone else will see it because our government and media kept it from us for 50 years. It was the reason that the US won World War 2. Without the legalization of “Marihuana”, the US Navy would not have functioned, and all of our soldiers would have been naked and barefoot. The film explains this. The US and the world owes its freedom to legal “Marihuana”.

    • Kiswahili Kitukuzwe 254 says:

      +TheNews1990 Didn’t you know choices have consequences?

    • Marty Moose says:

      +zieg feld Do your research before running your mouth. Etheopia Air had a stellar safety record and is respected world wide. American pilots have been complaining about the dangers of the Max 8. You sir are an uneducated idiot.

  9. Saad Chaudhry says:

    Hey hey hey but we have money for space force, we don’t give a damn about human life….

    • Anne Pak says:

      +Mictla If we cut our military spending in half, to 350 Billion, then China (150B) + Russia (80B) = 230 Billion. Add Iran, North Korea and a few others, and they would be a challenge to the United States. People like you need to understand that America creates stability in the world. You want to face Communist Russia and China on equal terms on the battlefield? Then Americans WILL HAVE NOTHING AFTER DEFEAT. No freedom that you all take for granted. Without the US, world order would fall apart. That’s a demonstrable fact.

    • Mictla says:

      +Anne Pak Iran and North Korea are not a threat. China does not want war either, there are plenty of countries with nukes that are there as a deterrent. All we do i create messes. We could have 90% of our military cut and still be fine. It is not our place to make the world stable, that is why other countries hate us so much.

    • Q LaSalle says:

      +Anne Pak you seriously think we have a military that doesnt monitor orbital defensive positions?

      But I’m the moron? Rofl have you even served or you just a civi?

    • Jason Fuller says:

      +wintertrine I don’t have the skills required to be in charge of and (outter) space force. Innerspace (like the blue brain project) on the other hand would be interesting to work on, but should be a multi nation effort.

    • anpdm1 says:

      +American Sniper No. I don’t remember the organ harvesting contract. That’s the spirit that transforms into lava, in-between lives.

  10. bundy26 says:

    Another instance that shows how money rules over everything.

    • Raz S. says:

      +Erebus2075 isnt that the bad part when money is allowed to control processes? But i do agree

    • Anne Pak says:

      Poor people are always complaining that “money takes over everything.” You hate the rich because you can’t be rich. You don’t know how. So instead of criticizing your own failure, you excuse it by criticizing the rich. You don’t care about air safety. All you know is you’re broke, Boeing is rich, and there’s a chance to complain about rich people. Lol. Peasant.

    • Anne Pak says:

      +Declan Joseph I’m sure you’re not greedy.

    • Raz S. says:

      +Anne Pak haha ! cute ??

    • Anne Pak says:

      +minimonkeyplay Duh. FAA regulators are often former private contractors. The business of safety, inspection is very different than “building from the ground up”. You dont have to “check every chip”. That’s not how it works. There are specific processes designed to ensure the whole aircraft is operational. Guess who writes the safety manuals? The manufacturer. They do a damn good job because safety = profits in the airline industry actually.

  11. Dante Crailman says:

    So I can be a pilot just by playing Flight Simulator?

    • nostradomis says:

      Nope that was an update for the pilots because they know how to fly a plane already

    • Ivan Matema says:

      Yes, captain.

    • Derrick Cooper says:

      This is true…FAA article 22-DUMB-ASS GOV. Allows anyone that has an Xbox for more than a year to get a pilots license.? lol ?

    • Anne Pak says:

      +Derrick Cooper You’re a fucking moron. Pilots are in short supply because it’s so HARD to become a pilot with ENDLESS classroom exercises, REAL WORLD FLYING and simulators TOGETHER. Stop spreading bullshit that they just use sims. Can’t even get a Cessna license with a sim.

    • Mark Williams says:

      +Anne Pak
      Sarcasm and nuance are sometimes lost in text. But I would think that FAA-22.GOV.DUMBASS might have been a give away.

  12. Christel Headington says:

    FAA hasn’t enough funding, How much did that fridge for Air Force 1 cost?

  13. Cypresssina says:

    The truth is scarier than fiction….

  14. theldun1 says:

    This is the world the republicans dream of. A small government and self-regulation. The capitalist wet dream!

    • Charles Hummer says:

      brainflash1 freedom of choice, you think Boeing wants their stock price plummeting because of safety concerns, cancelled orders, ticket rebooking complications and costs? The invisible hand is real and still real. Thousands of new cars roll of lots with many advanced features that contain textbook sized manuals. We all happily get on the highway, flying has always been safer

    • emptyvoices31 says:

      +orlock20 @Orlock20 It was a bipartisan agreement signed into law by a Democratic President and also proposed by a Democratic Senator with the Civil Rights Act, which was initially proposed by Democratic President John F. Kennedy before he was assassinated and strongly supported by CA Senator Clair Engel who helped to break the Senate Filibuster, also a Democrat, but hey, let’s not do research to check your claim. That’s really how you got this dumb in the first place isn’t it?

    • CrniWuk says:

      Actually, the situation is even worse. It’s capitalism for the poor and socialism for the rich.

    • HSC MUFC says:

      +orlock20 EPA was a result of Nadar and a Dem congress yelling at Nixon, but it really shows you how far right both parties have gone since. I mean, the harm to the FAA was done under Obama, a so called left wing President.

    • Mason S says:

      This is from the FAA… the government. The private industry is actually pulling these planes- Southwest, etc. Boeing won’t have anywhere to go assuming airlines ditch the 737. They will have to upgrade. Also, Boeing is funded by the government to compete with Airbus- the European counterpart rival; it’s government subsidies fueling this competition, not free enterprise, as it should be. Overall, the Boeing 737 is a safe aircraft though- the “problem” with the aircraft is the automated technology pushing the nose down, yet there is an override the pilots should have been aware of. Unfortunately, the pilots likely were not trained adequately for this situation- most are foreigners who come to the US to receive pilot training and then do not receive adequate continuation of that training when they return overseas. Regardless, the 737 is being phased out. Welcome to free enterprise.

  15. 5%LowBattery says:

    Cut cost to maximize profits…hundreds of people die ?

    • TheEvolver311 says:

      +Gareth De Bruyn no because other countries that have actual sensible attitudes towards things like regulations are no longer allowing them to opperate and will likely sue Boeing for fruad.

      If corporations are”people” wouldn’t this count as at a minimum hundreds of cases of manslaughter and reckless endangerment?

    • Jim John says:

      So does the FAA certify the planes for the world? Seems that each nation should have a regulatory body.

    • TheEvolver311 says:

      +Jim John they were stupid enough to think a US company will deliver quality hardware that actually does what it is advertised to do, not to mention the FAA blindly believing Boeing ment that we the people vouched for these deathtubes safety.

    • Jim John says:

      +TheEvolver311 “they were stupid enough to think a US company” What does “U.S” have to do with the fact that countries should have done their due diligence.

    • Conny Leicht says:

      +thiefofa1073 It’s sarcastic and sad, but to believe in. ?

  16. Clara Ck says:

    To sum up a lot of people lost their life and other lost their relatives just because of MONEY ?…

    • Agent Paper says:

      This is America after all.

    • Joshua Sweetvale says:

      +Monk Amani Money is time and money is sweat. It’s not just the number. *Money represents X amount of work done by and thus for you.* It’s trading favours. And without money, it’d be impossble to have the society we do now.

    • dannykumite says:

      This happens with car, bridges, building, even products everyone used. For example, you build a house, you have to pay building inspectors to visit and make sure it’s done correctly, up to a point, based on best practices. What’s wrong here isn’t airplane safety, which is pretty safe, 1/20,000,000 accident per flights, much safer than walking. The problem here is that it may be preventable if Boeing/Airbus is required to pay FAA to inspect their planes.

    • Littleblacklawyergerman Blakgerman says:

      “Anything for money” MJ.

    • Mason S says:

      +Howtard Not if the crash was the pilot’s fault, which according to the FAA, it has been both times. Both pilots were foreigners and therefore likely did not receive adequate training overseas on the 737- if they had, they would know there is a way to override the system if the system does malfunction.

  17. xxGodx says:

    I’ll give you one guess which party cut funding for the FAA….

    • L B says:

      The majority of the Democratic Party (the non-progressives) are also too cozy with corporations but ya the Republican Party is certainly worse. We NEED Bernie in 2020!

    • malenurse1999 says:

      Deus Costa leftist to general for you, how about anti science, anti fact, anti American, anti thought? You go on feelings, use emotional arguments and could careless about facts. Leftist is just shorter. More government is not better government never has been never will be. Smarter government I’m all for, I’m not thrilled with either choice but if I have to choose I will pick the one who isn’t picking the only model of government that has failed 100% of the time.

    • Patrick Schaefer says:

      +David Anderson you’re a fucking dipshit

    • Tracymmo says:

      +David AndersonHow about the asshole pays his taxes instead of relying on ours for everything from national security to Mar a Lago trips?!

    • danielbaig says:

      Word! ?

  18. sdfkjgh says:

    1:55 Remember kiddies, regulations are designed to protect.  When you cut regulations, people die.  This is why you should view anyone calling for deregulation with distrust at best, suspicion of murderous intent at worst.

    • MinneIceCube says:

      Perhaps, but what happens when no one can do anything because of too many regulations?

      Moderation, not zealotry, is the key.

    • Anne Pak says:

      +jorfice Uhhh…are you taking the fact that there was deregulation BEFORE recessions as an indication that deregulation is a CAUSE of recession. Before both recessions, the Mets won the world series. Correlation is not causation. I’m not advocating for not regulating banks. I’m saying it’s UNAMERICAN and COMMUNIST to be espousing “government regulation” as the “savior” of “the people” against “evil capitalists”. Show me how MORE regulation leads to economic activity. YOU CAN’T. The poor are always reflexively calling for more regulation over that which they do not understand and are envious of.

    • jorfice says:

      +Anne Pak “Correlation is not causation.” This. Except, when the data backs it, which it does. You see, the government eased up on banks, which then gave banks increased power to do shady things in the name of a quick profit, which they did. These shady things, predictably, fell through and bit the entire economy in the behind. That’s how and why deregulation leads to recessions and depressions in the U.S.: Corporations and banks cannot be trusted to self-regulate, so if you stop forcing them to do the right thing, they will do dumb things until they break the economy. Once the break the economy, they feign ignorance, blame poor people and immigrants, and then start the cycle anew.

    • CrniWuk says:

      +Anne Pak I take from your comment, that you do not fly very much, right? We will remind you of the “Regulations are bad!” when you nose dive with a plane, because some fucked up CEO needed more money and thus they cut on safety.

    • Cats Eye100 says:

      Derek Holman : No, I don’t think that was the writer’s intent. We have seen much deregulation since Trump took office. The EPA is practically decimated. Scott Pruitt has done a bang up job, the guy who needs a security detail worthy of a king so he need not talk to the “normal people”…or must fly first class so he need not sit by them either.

      Until it comes to your neighborhood, I suppose you don’t give this much thought. Wonder what would get your attention? Perhaps children dying slowly of cancer or other poisoning caused by toxic dumping? Perhaps an epidemic of food poisoning partly caused by inadequate food inspections? During this last government shutdown, for the first time ever, I saw large signs in my grocery warning of various food recalls. Don’t see that often in a GROCERY STORE. You might recall, the FDA suspended routine inspections of foods and drugs. You know, the government was SHUT DOWN, and the department ran out of funding.

      This is not my imagination running overtime. There was a cancer cluster of children dying from leukemia in Woburn Massachusetts in the 1970’s and ‘80’s. The cause was toxic dumping but two corporations (WR Grace and Beatrice Foods). The families were ignored for years when they complained the drinking water was contaminated. Many lawyers passed and would not take their case. They finally found a small firm to take their case. This small firm of two lawyers were outTwo years later,the EPA forced the companies to pay for the most expensive toxic cleanup at that time. The case was written by Jan Schilichmann, the lawyer who defended the families. The book is titled “A Civil Action”. This is but one case, there are more should you care to research. Often, these cases are not well covered in the national media, especially when it involves dying children.

      Big business does not care about your neighborhood, community, State, or even the country. If you take a ride through an affluent neighborhood, often you will not find grocery stores, gas stations, dry cleaners, car washes, or many types of businesses for MILES of those neighborhoods. You will drive a good 5-10 miles before you find those type of businesses. I am not speaking of an upscale neighborhood. I am talking about the places where the REAL wealthy live. Think about that next time you hear about some “Job Killing” regulation.

  19. Bjorn Santens says:

    Luckely France investigated the black boxes…or the USA would deny everything

    • leinad dhm says:

      Bjorn Santens :-read it agin what he said “I don’t think” እሺ

    • TheEvolver311 says:

      +Agnete Thomsen no this is the “self regulation” scheme in action, we have a bunch of people appointed to regulatory oversight who don’t believe regulatory oversight should exist. Same thing in the banking crisis in 07′ after the dust settled the lead finacial regulators acted shocked that the banks would behave in such a reckless way and had allowed them to regulate themselves. Wait until the deregulation Trump did removing regulations on not dumping toxic materials into rivers etc…start to be felt. Unfortunately that is going to be a slower more trickle down poisonous lesson which will disproportionately affecting working people.

    • Robert Feight says:

      Paranoid but horribly plausible.

    • Antoine Eric says:

      Tehy may deny everything because France (home of Airbus) investigated the black boxes…

    • Kiya Houston says:

      +Bjorn Santens reported by who? ?

  20. Josephine Hill says:

    R.I.P. to the lives lost in the Ethiopian Airlines Crash ???

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