Boeing Prepares the 787-9 Dreamliner for the 2015 Paris Air Show

Boeing Prepares the 787-9 Dreamliner for the 2015 Paris Air Show

Watch as Boeing’s expert crew rehearses the flying display that will be performed at the 2015 Paris Air Show. Get a preview before the show! To learn more visit

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19 Responses

  1. Norman Pascoe says:

    Impressive stuff! Paris Airshow rehearsals….

  2. Louis Morton says:

    I saw the 747 make a landing at short air field in Renton.Wa.That was
    amazing.The new 787.take off vertical is also amazing.

  3. Raze Talwar says:

    It almost flew like F16

  4. rht785 says:

    very very impressive.

  5. Paul Lasko says:

    Ever seen a school bus drift? That’s just what this is like, but in the

  6. Sascha Pallenberg says:

    Holy…. This 787-9 takes off almost vertically!

  7. Dewet Diener says:

    Beautiful and incredible what these birds can do when passenger comfort
    isn’t a primary concern.


    WHAT THE HELL ….he did it like a RC plane

  9. TralfazConstruction says:

    Quite the chassis for a zippy gunship. And it can deliver FedEx and UPS’s
    packages too.

  10. Tuan Do says:

    wow might be the best Vietnam Airlines commercial ever

  11. Jim Lurgio says:

    Insane….like a huge graceful bird. Very cool………….could be a ride
    attraction at Disney…lol

  12. ariya jaberi says:

    The pilot is on drugs.

  13. Nature Boy says:

    I actually live in Vietnam and pray my pilot doesn’t try mimic

  14. Abra Cadabra says:

    Vietnam airlines…strange how these Communist countries have so much
    wealth and yet we in the Capitalist West are told that Socialism is a

  15. The Crusader says:

    New airplanes = new flaws

  16. Pedro Dias says:

    Ladies and gentlemen. We will now fill the passenger cabin with vomit.

  17. jesus kusling says:


  18. sarath dhandapani says:

    This reminds me of the huge plane in GTA San Andreas. It will be so huge
    but still would do stunts with it.

  19. Mark Dorais says:

    Amazing photography of this beautiful aircraft.