Boiling Water With My Hands

Boiling Water With My Hands

I show you how to boil water in your hands

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48 Responses

  1. A says:

    Lmao this is super cool! Looks like you have some superpower where you can heat stuff using your hands.

    • Charlotte Mei says:

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    • Amazing Autist says:

      Someone already said that he’s a secret firebender, and at this point I’m inclined to agree

  2. Dylan Cadwell says:

    This man manages to do seemingly impossible stuff everyday.

    • Madhavaraj says:

      Legends only know how is this

    • BarackObama592 says:

      It’s just called science…maybe read and understand the physics of our universe.

    • MONEYBOY512 says:

      He doesn’t manage it. It sounds like your giving him credit for discovering everything. DUDE just studies the Wikipedia website. You don’t remember chemistry? Or any schooling at all? Half the stuff he shows is high school grade science just applied in his basement. Yeah he had to go get some tools from harbor freight and Home Depot to build his experiments. And that’s what they are. Home experiments and I repeat NOT discoveries. Why he wants to boil water in his hand god knows why. Grade 10 chemistry how water boils in a vacuum and he’s collecting a fat check while you sit on the toilet feeling so astonished you forget to wipe.

    • testamen 301 says:

      @diddlyinnit it’s oddly specific because it’s a stein gate reference my question is if you actually got it?

    • +Bulmaa💕 says:

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  3. A says:

    This guy can make so many cool experiments using water lol

    • I TabbyCatz I says:


    • Nick Godwin says:

      Water boils under a vacuum already

    • MONEYBOY512 says:

      Your making it sound like he discovered water. relax kid you can do it too with a vacuum pump some nylon tubing a couple of hose clamps a mason jar and of course water and your hand. All of a sudden grade 10 chemistry knowledge of water boiling in a vacuum and a YouTube video of this experiment and your a 𝓖𝓸𝓭 all of a sudden. You know what I don’t blame you this is the only way you will learn anything anymore is from YouTube so might as well worship your water god

    • PG says:

      Next video “Meeting my past self”

    • Blyatman says:

      Pv = nrt

  4. Alonso Bastías says:

    He always manages to get more and more interesting, at this rate he will literally destroy and rewrite the fabric of existence on camera doing an experiment

    • a says:

      He lies in the title, its nothing to do with his hand and everything to do with pressure

    • Autonomous Stardust says:

      @ELAments ICE do… you not know what a *joke* is?

    • CoConut gulp says:

      @ELAments ICE yeah I’m sure he will someone can see the patch notes

    • CoConut gulp says:

      @ELAments ICE and some sneak peek like old babawanka(or whatever her name is)

    • Ossie Halvorson says:

      @a Half truth, and he explains that in the video, but I presume you didn’t listen and just jumped into the comments to correct it like a good pedant.

      His title was not technically incorrect, because he only reduced the pressure enough that the boiling point was near the temperature being transferred from his hand. Without the heat from his hand, it wouldn’t continue boiling.

  5. Bubby Boo says:

    This guy must have had the best science projects in middle school

  6. Keerthana S S says:

    bet he’s doing this to hide the fact that he’s a firebender

  7. Sea Pickle says:

    Why this works:

    Essentially, water is in a liquid state since its atoms don’t have enough energy (i.e speed) to escape as a gas

    However, the energy needed to escape depends mainly on two things, the pressure and the temperature; this is why pressure cookers work, water can’t boil in a pressure cooker since the water is being compressed, it’s like trying to sprint while carrying 200 kg

    The opposite is true, with a lack of air pressure to keep the water in place, the water molecules can much more easily escape. this is why water boils in space (sorta, the boiling point of water in space is -30c iirc , and the freezing point is -50c)

  8. James Speer says:

    Fun fact: This same set of principles is a prominent noise maker in submarines (Cavitation on the propeller)

  9. MacromSki says:

    “The power of the sun, in the palm of my hand.” – Doc Oct.

    • mortaché de muerte says:

      Exactly what I thought lol

    • MINA says:

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  10. ׄ says:

    pro tip: get a syringe (the kind without a needle) and fill it partially with water before covering the hole. then pull the pump back and it starts to boil

    • Jeff Graves says:

      Uou sucking the air that is dissolved in the water out of the water giving the illusion of a boiling effect ,,duh

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