Bon Iver – 33 “GOD” – Official Lyric Video

Bon Iver – 33 “GOD” – Official Lyric Video

22, A Million
Out September 30 on Jagjaguwar

Created/Produced/Directed by Aaron Anderson & Eric Timothy Carlson
Artwork by Eric Timothy Carlson
Source Video by Kyle Frenette

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20 Responses

  1. Ned Gould says:

    (bird shit)

  2. mrTHEsoccerGeeK says:


  3. Joao Resende says:

    the small detail!
    “we find gods and religions too” Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky

  4. Lola M. says:

    BEAUTIFUL, can’t wait until the full album comes out! You’re music is
    everything Justin ♥

  5. sophia kalei says:

    Anyone else still in shock from his change in style

  6. Dan Gimberg says:

    oh wow! i never heard sampling like this
    that subtle Paolo Nutini : “We find Gods and religions to,
    To paint us with salvation”

  7. kiraanimerawr1 says:

    Can’t get better than this to wake up at 5:30 in the morning with all art
    classes today. The only thing bothering me is that I wont be able to listen
    to it while painting!

  8. CardinalSessions says:

    weird feeling that this is years ahead of us

  9. beflygelt says:

    wasn’t this the song everyone heard Kanye in?

  10. seewolf says:

    For Emma was like a beautiful origin story.
    The second album showed us what he could do with a full band.
    But I feel like THIS album is going to be the big one. This is the album
    Justin was put on this earth to make.

  11. Queen Rexy says:

    I’m sad to say Bon Iver has evolved into something I don’t enjoy. I wish I
    were one of you, and this fit my taste. But the music, lyrics, aesthetics
    is just completely at odds with me.

  12. Salvatore Santiago says:

    The difference between this and the live version he played at Eaux Claire
    is marginal! Still incredible, though it seems a little lighter. When he
    played it live it was a much bigger song.

  13. BlackCapAME says:

    This is what happens when hip hop touches indie folk. I’ve been following
    Bon Iver for years now and have always loved his style. But I would’ve
    never known Bon Iver had it not been had I not been a fan of Kanye. They’ve
    worked on Numerous tracks together. And the fact that they remain who they
    are creatively but still intertwine what they have gathered from each other
    musically is a master piece. Bon Iver is on to something here. I can’t wait
    for the album !

  14. DeAnna Scofield says:

    Anyone else notice it’s 3:33 long? genius.

  15. James Marlon says:

    22, a Million gunna be Bon Iver’s Kid A.

  16. Jaden Anderson says:

    At this point I’m pretty sure he’s just pulling random phrases out of a hat
    and making songs out of them. The best part is that it works…

  17. BK Adams says:

    33 God? 0o0o0o0o0oh so mysterious! Give a round of applause to Bon Iver for
    jumping on the freemason imagery train 10 yrs too late.

  18. Shane Harrington says:

    This one’s a masterpiece…

  19. Hookah John says:

    Justin bieber is better than this trash.

  20. kingschwab says:

    def disappointed in all his new single big bon iver listener but these
    muddled lyrics and rhythms are hard on their ears to listen to they make no
    sense at all and are not even coherent let’s stop the experimenting and
    just make good damn music !