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20 Responses

  1. Zack Rushlow says:

    What an incredible version of this song and what an amazing idea for a series. If it was me in her position I probably would’ve passed out at first after seeing Justin sitting so close.

  2. Sara Mendes says:

    Amazing concept πŸ™‚ Everything about Michelberger festival is absolutely brilliant!

  3. Ekaterina Jdowdkw says:

    hope to see some new take away show with bon iver πŸ™πŸ»

  4. Fouly pimenta says:


  5. gothstein says:

    call me a selfish, but dis nigga RIGHT here just touched my heart, bitch look like she wondering what she’s havin for lunch !

  6. LeΓ³n Kisters says:

    It’s rather a psychological study of her than an intimate performance

  7. Matthew Moss says:

    I’m sure the Tibetan Bowl and blind fold really helped to make this an organic situation haha

  8. Umar Rafsanjani says:

    I would cry like a lil bi*ch if i was her

  9. avyeled says:

    I would have cried like the grown man I am.

  10. Becca French says:

    I would have cried.

  11. JacobLukasiewicz says:

    If I had a chance to listen to Justin one on one I would literally almost die from excitement and happiness!!

  12. Joshua Kendall says:

    I would of broke down and cried as soon as I seen him.

  13. Nugenrules says:

    Justin Vernon does a great cover of a Justin Vernon song.

  14. Timo Iks says:

    β€œHello.. Justin.. okay…β€œΒ 


    WHAT THE..

  15. Maydaykati says:

    That is one lucky chair

  16. Kevin Gilmore says:

    Can barely even keep it together in my kitchen…much less sitting in a chair opposite JV…I wonder how the experience differs. Is this document of the moment actually more potent than the experience of the one? I’d wager it is their intention to create a moment that transcends the experience of the two in that room…

  17. Matt Pusatory says:

    Probably the best kidnapping experience ever.

  18. Dylan Emmet says:

    Such a great song. Great concept

  19. Sam Vargas says:

    This is so weird.

  20. kstreet says:

    Love this in theory, but the way they filmed it shattered the illusion of intimacy. Her body language makes it clear that she’s trying to be calm but she’s put on guard or disoriented by the observation of a camera/cameraperson, instead fully present in the moment with just him. This, but filmed with hidden cameras (that she’s told about later) could be really special, though.

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