Bonnie’s Secret Story in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach Explained (FNAF Theories)

Bonnie’s Secret Story in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach Explained (FNAF Theories)

Bonnie had an entire location devoted to him within the story of Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach, yet for some reason he never shows up in person. His mysterious back-story relegated to notes and sound bites. So what happened to Bonnie in FNAF Security Breach, what is the secret story here? In this new FNAF theory video we search for answers and tie Bonnie’s absence into the greater story found at the heart of Security Breach.

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50 Responses

  1. PrincessKristan says:

    When Freddy said that he missed Bonnie, that made me sad. I hope this puts everything to rest because I’m over kids giving Monty and his fans shit for no reason. Besides, Bonnie was the most aggressive one but people forget that or just are really new

    • SailorSavvy says:

      Tbh, ive seen aggression on both sides. Ive seen people dislike Monty not because of the theory, but just because they miss Bonnie, or because they dont want a new token agressive character, they want the og one. and honestly its still valid. People dont need to give reasons as to why they dislike a character

      But in the end i agree with you, attacking each other especially over a game is pretty dumb lmao

    • PrincessKristan says:

      @SailorSavvy Yeah exactly it’s just a game. Don’t get your underwear in a bunch lmao

    • krana says:

      Why would you be worried at all about people being “anti Monty”? The conception of being anti-anything in something so inconsequential as a video game is strange.

    • Stephanie Sheep says:

      Man can’t we just enjoy animatronic animals without bashing people over “whom decommissioned who” and “who is more aggressive”. People just need to let the Monty fans be

    • Grubheck says:

      STOP 😭 Are there actually Monty hate pages!? This is hilarious. We boutta cancel a fictional character.

  2. d-_-b says:

    Have you seen what Freddy says after he’s taken to the endoskeletons? He’s questioning his existence even implying that he might not be the first Glamrock Freddy.

  3. The Ascending Apothicon says:

    I think Bonnie could’ve been taken apart and had his parts used to repair Scrap/Springtrap’s original body which is why Burntrap looks almost like a mix of new and old parts. Because, why would Springtrap need a charging station if he wasn’t a robot like the others. Sure, Spring Bonnie was still an animatronic but, we don’t know for sure if they charged like the new ones do. Idk

    • Not Medicine says:

      That’s what I was thinking, too! Dang, this mystery has been keeping me up at night… Monty decommissioning Bonnie just never made sense. Monty is a definite red herring Scott threw in to put us off track. Unless Afton used Monty in order to get Bonnie’s parts, maybe manipulating Monty (like he manipulated Vanessa) by promising him more fame if he did this and turning off the camera while he did it, but that’s a bit convoluted, even for FNAF.

    • Sven Kristensson says:

      @Kristupas Zakrauskas Because William knows proper branding is very important

    • Dr. Jay the Bird says:

      @Not Medicine Either way I’m gonna have nightmares thinking about this theory.

    • Articplays says:

      I think they were to lazy to change the endo and it is a new fnaf game so they probably changed the design of springtrap

    • Acrowu says:

      @Dank Tank nice pfp

  4. Ghoul The Damned says:

    It’s not coincidental that Bonnie is isn’t around in games where a member of or someone working with the Afton family is the main center point. He’s not around in Fnaf 3, Sister Location (I don’t count Freddy’s puppet as a full Bonnie), and now Security Breach. Help Wanted being a special case because its basically a VR collection of all prior events along with Fnaf 4 being a special case as we play as a member of the Afton family.

    • Ghoul The Damned says:

      @The Average YouTube Commenter What  @Kevinplayz 135 said.

    • The Average YouTube Commenter says:

      @Ghoul The Damned What he said doesn’t remotely affect the point: it’s still a game about the Afton family with Bonnie in it. How does Bonnie being real or not matter?
      Also, it wasn’t Crying Child in a comma, it was Michael having nightmares. Crying Child was dead from the day the game began
      (That’s assuming that everything was false, there is the possibility that they were animatronics using illusion discs, due to Sister Location showing dots where all the animatronics should be in the house)
      Lastly, Bonnie was also in FFPS, as Rockstar Bonnie. That game also revolved around the Afton family, due to Michael being the protagonist and Baby and William being 2 of the antagonists.

    • Ghoul The Damned says:

      @The Average YouTube Commenter then I will errata it to say in an antagonist roll. (Or something like that)

    • Rakhoon says:

      @The Average YouTube Commenter im pretty sure fnaf 4 takes place before crying child was killed and why bonnie appears is because crying child doesnt know about aftons tie with springbonnie or because its not real and bonnie is one of his nightmare figures along with the others

    • The Average YouTube Commenter says:

      @Rakhoon FNaF 4 takes place after the Crying Child’s death. It follows Michael, who, depending on what theory you believe, is either having nightmares about what he caused, or being punished by William with illusion discs.
      And all of that still doesn’t explain why Bonnie is present in Pizzeria Simulator despite that game being about the Afton’s.
      Not to mention a lot of other issues with the theory, like how he arbitrarily ignored said Bon Bon doesn’t count just because it didn’t fit the theory, or how SB isn’t even about the Aftons that much, it just has William Afton as the final boss for 2 minutes. That’s less ofa role than he had in FNaF 2 and Bonnie was still there with 3 different versions.

  5. Carly Plate says:

    I always thought it was suspicious that Bonnie didn’t show up. Especially because Scott had mentioned in an interview that Bonnie was his favorite. As we have all learned in these games, there is no coincidences. Everything has a meaning and a main character missing has to be important.

  6. DarkFire88 says:

    That’s why the game needs a story DLC. One where we control Bonnie and we find out what really happened. Bonnie is my favorite character and I really wanted him to appear in this game.

  7. Noire says:

    I find it interesting how Afton always portrays himself as a rabbit when could simply have killed people as Venassa.
    Makes me think it could be linked to why he got rid of bonnie

  8. SnowFox 2074 says:

    This definitely makes a lot more sense than “Monty decommissioned Bonnie because popularity,” and it ties in very neatly with FNAF lore. It wouldn’t make sense for Monty to do that because HE would be decommissioned for being too aggressive. And if he wanted to destroy animatronics to be more popular, it would make more sense if he were to target Freddy since he’s the head of the band.

    I think Bonnie being used to Vanny and Glitchtrap is a very good way to tie in the story of Help Wanted and Security Breach together. It also is a little funny: Springtrap took Bonnie’s place in FNAF3, and he technically did it again with Security Breach

    • MadLadTygo says:

      Monty didn’t have a room. It is said in the message that Bonnie left HIS green room and there’s only four rooms in Rockstar Row, meaning the only other place for Monty to be being Monty Golf.

    • Itz Jay says:

      Or, Bonnie was uncorruptable, and Monty was already compromised. Since Monty wasn’t part of the core 4, maybe he wasn’t as usefu to Afton. And you can very easily see that despite Monty being agressive and destroying his room, Fazbear Enternatinment still keeps him on the core 4 roster.

    • PervertedNovaxc3 says:

      Personally, I think Monty still did attack him, but maybe not for the reasons as previously thought if we take the explanation of this video into account.

    • Yuko says:

      @{Unpeakable Reese} wait who tf confirmed that Michael is Glamrock Freddy??

    • imagorillazfan :] says:

      Mark on

  9. Stoned Huntress says:

    Everyone talks about how Monty wanted to take over and is violent and all that, which I agree is all shown in the game…but what if that’s the virus’ doing? We keep talking about Monty and Roxie’s issues being put into their AI programming…but what if they weren’t? My new theory is that the flaws in their personalities is due to the virus, since it was introduced to the system so early on in the set up of the pizzaplex (at least from what I can gather). So Monty’s obsession with taking Freddie’s place and his violence could be a result of Afton’s meddling and poor Bonnie was the victim of it (probably orchestrated by Afton).

    I genuinely think they were all supposed to act more like Freddie does (but clearly with less human emotion that we see from him likely due to the virus and his resistance to it, i’m not FULLY on board with Freddie being possessed by Michael but that would make sense and I could see Bonnie holding another soul), but Afton’s virus changed them and their behavior, possible putting some of his own worst traits into them (anger/aggression, self doubt/loathing likely from being the cause of two of his children’s deaths, and the mindless need to feed given how he’s always latching onto others for power and such).

    Also, for Bonnie’s wandering, I do agree it could have been Afton testing, and that he was destroyed for parts. So over all I don’t think it was Monty’s direct fault, but that he was used as the murder weapon so to speak for Bonnie. I do also think there’s a chance Bonnie was also more resistant to the virus like Freddie is shown to be. It would make sense given they’re the two original characters and are the closest to each other.

    • The Average YouTube Commenter says:

      Why though?
      Sure, it’s possible that their personalities are because of the virus, but the game never implies it. Not to mention, it’s a virus to make them capture people and help Vanny, why would that out of all things give them personality?

    • Stoned Huntress says:

      I’m not sure honestly, as it’s and idea I had pretty recently.

      It could be an unforseen response to the virus mixing with the existing AI, possibly twisting their personality traits.
      It could be that Afton wanted the virus to be able to hide so made it latch on to what their AI is and again mess with it to help make them more violent and hostile when he needs them to be.

      Also why would they INTENTIONALLY program AI meant to be around small children to be violent with anger issues and an obsession with taking Freddie’s spot (monty) and a bully with self esteem issues (roxie)? Or with the daycare attendants, why would they make them terrify children and harm them at night instead of say, safely guiding them to security or something?

      That’s part of why I think the virus is having an effect on the AI and that it was in fact in the systems from the beginning, or at least very early on.

    • Cheerful Satanist says:

      I feel like this time around there was a lot more attention paid to the types of animals the animatronics are. we see Freddy very much any type of “Mama bear”, chica quite literally behaves like an idiot ochicken with its head cut off wandering around aimlessly eating garbage, half the time she looks like she’s sleepwalking( I’m somewhat annoyed it’s never really explained or focused on ) however the characters portrayed as a wolf and an alligator are the most aggressive by far. that alone makes me feel like Monte could have attacked Bonnie not even if it means popularity but simply territorial protection aggression because Bonnie wandered into “his place”. especially considering that he monitors every night goes 100 who plays from those catwalks above like a natural predator would. this is also displayed in the way that she could behave after losing her beak compared to the way Roxie and Monty behave after their parts are stolen. chica remains Justice aimless and noncommittal where is Foxy and Monty ( and honestly kind of surprising that he’s still trying to attack you all things considered, he’s full-on black knight Monty Python “it’s just a scratch” by this point ) are angrier and more aggressive after they’ve been harmed once again at like a wounded predator. so I don’t think it’s fair to say that Monty attacked Bonnie out of jealousy or immune to become more popular, I think it’s much more likely that Monty attacked Bonnie as a predator protecting his den from an interloper, an interloper who was also modeled after a very very obvious pray type of animal. realistically speaking a rabbit isnt going to last long wandering into an alligator’s Den… I’m actually a little surprised there aren’t more jokes about a fox or a wolf wandering into a hen house.

    • Itz Jay says:

      @The Average YouTube Commenter I think a corrupted will would amplify the negatives of their personalities and ‘hearts.’ Think of the Radiance from hollow knight. Once the bugs’ wills were overwritten by the Radiance, they resorted to their most basic and cruel selves as a way to survive and better serve their puppet master.

  10. Monroe Robbins says:

    Honestly, the “I Miss Him” bit just made me sad, cause that means Freddy is able to miss people. The other three don’t seem to show affection, but Freddy does, even remembering his lost friend, not just programming. It’s so sad, but also shows how much Freddy cares about his friends. I just wonder if Bonnie was like Freddy, before Afton infected it. Caring about children, and his friends, before he was slowly warped, eaten away, by the virus.

    • Ty jones says:

      Chicka ran up to Freddy when he fell … Roxie frequently cries… Monty cries out in pain… the rest can feel emotions

    • Yuko says:

      I mean, their in the 2030 -2050s technolofy probaly got advanced by a lot

    • Tam-Tam says:

      There’s a video on YT where they take Freddy to some room with a bunch of endoskeletons, and he has a full existential crisis. Poor guy

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