Bonus Round: FRIENDS with Courteney Cox & Lisa Kudrow | Celebrity Name Game

Bonus Round: FRIENDS with Courteney Cox & Lisa Kudrow | Celebrity Name Game

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16 Responses

  1. nickseacruz says:

    love love love this

  2. tedizpheel says:

    Courtney looks so different now. Must be the plastic surgery

  3. Muaaz says:

    *annd now I miss the show (can’t say i ever stopped)*

  4. Alex says:

    the questions are way too easy and what show even is this

  5. Aaron says:


  6. spens casillas says:

    awesome,they are so buenas

  7. Z la says:

    Wow these questions must be so difficult for them. “What’s 2 +2!?” “Umm fff
    uh FOUR!”


    bring back shows like friends and get rid of all these pretentious boring
    and overrated dramas that we have now they fucking suck big time and I
    don’t care how much you lie to yourself you know it’s true

  9. Adrian Lopez says:

    Jesus, Courtney got fucked by plastic surgery

  10. ldpsvede says:

    My favorite show! I miss my FRIENDS at Central Perk!

  11. Mark Gomez says:

    Uh, Monica and Chandler got married? SPOILED! I can tell you one show I’m
    not going to want to finish.

  12. neanetwork says:

    When Lisa said answered “Monica Geller” she added “Bing.” Haha. 😀 0:50

  13. TheHenniBee says:

    haha for ross i thought she would’ve just said “my brother on the show” but
    the sad hi was spot on :D

  14. Shohm Dey says:

    damn…thought that was Caitlyn Jenner for a sec

  15. Tia Silva says:

    “He was!.. HI ?…. ” I can’t stop laughing hahaha ????

  16. ValeLovesU2 says:

    My feelings *_*