Book of Thresholds | Yuumi Champion Teaser – League of Legends

Book of Thresholds | Yuumi Champion Teaser – League of Legends

Where to next, Book?

Yuumi is coming to PBE soon.

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86 Responses

  1. Bloo Fire says:

    Ey yo Necrit. Mind if you explain this one buddy?

  2. Corgi Lover says:

    Riot: Yuumi released


  3. Fallen Disc says:

    I’m telling you Nightblue3 is gonna play that in jungle and call it new meta

    • SinOfDisaster says:

      Nightblue3 will play it in the jg and say it’s meta/ SolorenektonOnly will play her top and say new meta. Bunnyfuufuu will make a custom game get fed by his fans and call it super OP champion.

    • jobriq5 says:


    • KLZV says:

      Bet you can’t even win against him with that new meta.

    • Feito Puns says:

      fufuu wil also exaggerate it and prof akali will call it unbelievable new OP

    • Алекс Булдаков says:

      +SinOfDisaster Laughed at bunny part lol so true, he “carry” only in 60 min games and all of his team supporting him(always with ivern and toplane lulu)

  4. Trimaxus Rez says:

    Welcome to the league of legends champion spotlight featuring Book… that’s it. It’s literally just a sentient book.

  5. Zoe says:

    Ok, so this told us approximately….


    • Tristan Ridley says:

      It told us that it has a Zoe voice and a Bard way of life and Ryze’s book.

    • Viens Onestbien says:

      P – Autoattack booster charging over time
      Q – Skillshot which can slow target if enough range
      W – dash INTO a allied champ and become untargeteable, can dash out or on other allies buffing the one she’s linked to. Can cast all other abilities but cant auto attack
      E – 2 charges – using it heals you, if you’re linked into an ally, it also heals the ally
      R – throw 7 waves doing aoe magic dmgs and root the ennemy if hit by at least 3 waves

      And… it’s a cat on a flying book.
      You’re welcome 🙂

    • codebracker says:

      It told us it’s a yordle with a book that visited Icathia

    • Andre Milani Martin says:

      She is the one to make portals from bandle city to other places.
      She can only pass throu the portals in one dircetion.
      Some portals she made have been distroyed.
      She is looking for her master. Considering her portal skill I would say that its Bard.
      The book acts as her caretaker.
      She can take at least one other person with her throu the gate, but maybe only one since the small character stayed behind.
      So we got a lot of lore stuff, but no actual gameplay. That will be in a game play release teaser as always.

    • Cxyte Edu says:

      They told us she has a book and is looking for master (yi) cuz he never ganks

  6. ZerixZero says:

    Too many cute and edgy champs

    We need some more T H I C C bois like Sion and Galio

  7. E T says:

    Yuumi, with an happy voice : “This look powerful !”

    The Void, The biggest menace to the universe : “Am i a joke to you ?”

  8. The Cool Persian says:

    “That looks powerful…we should check it out!”

    Did she…just dive into the Void? May Azir protect us.

  9. R.A.F GattaiGuy says:

    Is this Luffy?
    “mark this spot cause it has food”
    “this place looks dangerous so lets go there”

  10. LostFlower says:

    Riot: Creates new cat champion
    Nidalee: Am I joke to you?

  11. Lucionius :] says:

    Riot: It’s a traditionall support
    Everyone: It’s going to funking one-shot OMG!!!1!!1!!1!!11
    Riot: …did u even listen?

    • Lucionius :] says:

      +Arbitration Engine Yeah. But she is suppose to be like jana or nami. Neeko is also a mage while she is a supp. She will have poke but i think thats it.

    • mad Onyx says:

      She have a q that if it travels more than 1 sec does more dmg and slows and an ult that sends 7 waves and if 3 waves hit the enemy gets stunned so i guess yeah should be fun

    • ari3lz3pp3lin says:

      Riot: Pyke will be a support

      Ppl who pay attention: But he’s an early game ks that falls off….

      Riot: DGAF give us your money for skinz fools

    • 신상현 says:

      Considering that they released Sylas to be a glass cannon mid-lane melee mage…

    • Алекс Булдаков says:

      +신상현 totaly bruiser lol

  12. Jungle Sona says:

    “That looks powerful. We should check it out!”
    Everyone’s first time playing ranked

  13. A Vsaucy Boi says:

    A spell book?

    I bet this new adc throws books

    • 01110011 01101011 says:

      til jokes do not exist

    • ya like jazz says:

      Hmmm… What are jokes, people???

    • RandomSilly says:

      Chomusuke “Now let’s talk about the next new champion we plan on releasing into the wild. This new champion will be a solo lane AD assassin.”

      Lmao wtf. That’s so misleading

    • kobato says:

      The top of the Champion Roadmap literally started with “I won’t be talking about the new enchanter support today since I already talked about her in the last roadmap and she’s just around the corner.” so they were referring to the champion after her.

    • RandomSilly says:

      kobato xdd ok. Never read that part lol. As I just searched for keywords. My bad

  14. null says:

    Riot: any ideas for a new champion?

    Nobody: yes

    *a book has joined the summoner rift*

  15. Z O O W E E M A M A says:

    Yuumi: *exists*

    Zoe: *finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!*

  16. STK_Mask says:

    Yuumi: Mark this page, lots of fish
    Fizz: Ready to fight for this food

  17. Zero Flame says:

    She’s supposedly going to the Void.
    *The freaking Void.*
    Bruh I hope Kai’sa is gonna be there because that cat ain’t surviving no dimension like that.

  18. Rajeesh Patel says:

    The places in the last two pages are Bilgewater and Icathia.

    The big fish are those shark things that carve up in the slaughter docks and that’s what she is referring to. You can tell the place she is going to is Icathia because the purple portal looks like the void hole in Icathia, and the peninsula matches that of the Icathian peninsula on the southeast of the Shuriman continent.

    Edit: Credits to u/DragonMasterC

  19. light runner says:

    I’m trying to imagine that cat is a half human if you know what think what do you call for that on anime

  20. Endrit Zadias says:

    Riot: **creates girl champ**

    Rule 34 artists: NANI??!

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