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20 Responses

  1. yuee huang says:

  2. Kain says:

    >AC/DC Thunderstrucked starts playing the background

  3. alupihan says:

    This Thor: Ragnarok teaser is quite underwhelming.

  4. zorrento14 says:

    ….. aliens…….

  5. The Outfitter says:

    God wants the old Ghostbusters back…

  6. The Joker says:

    The empire strikes back

  7. Zet Pipl says:


  8. Kin Wah Wong says:

    Where is batman?

  9. usukatdis says:

    Hey daddy usukatdis here from pornhub may we use ur clip ?

  10. Dustin Smith says:

    Lighting was from ISIS

  11. EAGLE POX says:

    I was at the futsal stadium (indoor. soccer/football stadium) and lightning
    hit the roof. It sounded like explosions from Isis,my ear hurts

  12. Super Mega Awesome says:

    Building far right is like falling

  13. Hue Manatee says:

    i like the sudden realization “……i got that.”

  14. Ryan Howard says:

    Episode V: The empire strikes back

  15. Eugene Park says:


  16. KeepItKlossy says:

    I know that was dangerous, but I mean it was really pretty. XD

  17. Snerglure says:


  18. Eastsidedirtykid says:

    Not gonna lie, I got REAL fckin nervous seeing the Empire State Building
    and a “boom” title.

  19. Alex Gomes says:

    Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief, anyone?

  20. Conor Schellhaas says:

    “I got that” says the “greediest” man. Lol XD