Boosie: I Made $1 Million on the First Day from My Movie ‘My Struggle’ (Part 1)

Boosie: I Made $1 Million on the First Day from My Movie ‘My Struggle’ (Part 1)

Watch the full interview now as a VladTV Youtube Member –

Boosie returned to VladTV to talk about the release of his recent film, “My Struggle.” The Baton Rouge claimed he started writing the film, which is loosely based on his life, while he was in prison. Without revealing the film’s budget, Boosie said he called in favors for locations and said he didn’t pay for anything in Baton Rouge. He also claimed he chose not to release the film through a major film company because he would’ve been stripped of his ownership and paid a relatively low fee. Despite filming the movie for about $250,000, Boosie said he profited nearly $1 million on the film’s release date. Check out the above clip to hear Boosie talk about his plans for releasing a comedy on Christmas and launching his own Netflix.

Watch Boosie’s movie ‘My Struggle’:

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37 Responses

  1. djvlad says:

    Watch the full interview now as a VladTV Youtube Member:

  2. bugzy says:

    Boosie the most entertaining person on vlad.

  3. Mister Evrathang says:

    It’s good to see boosie doin’ his thing and getting his money!! I hope he keeps going with it!!

  4. FOR VIBERS ONLY says:

    He is definitely right about the raw movies being missing as a whole… those are the movies i like the most and are the most relatable

  5. Alex says:

    Instagram kicks Boosie off, Boosie makes a movie. Gotta respect this mans hustle

    • Anthony Gray says:

      Boosie made a movie, Instagram kicks boosie off. That’s a more accurate description lol.

    • FarEastSideNap317 says:

      @Anthony Gray no he been got kicked off insta before the movie then he dropped the movie and got kicked off again he been kicked off like 3 or 4 times 3 at the least

    • Anthony Gray says:

      @FarEastSideNap317 the movie been in the works for years… Instagram only started fcking with him last year

  6. Viral Clips says:

    Dope “boosie movie org”

  7. Andwele Harris says:

    no matter which day of the week, Boosie always has a fresh cut

  8. The Jonboy D.i.Y channel says:

    The budget vs the return.Most movie producers could only dream of that kind of return! Incredible

    • Mansa Musa says:

      Really wow

    • Javonah Henderson says:

      Ice cube only spent 5 million to make the 1st Friday Movie and you know the end of that story

    • Msboochie2 says:

      True but others are actually trying to give the viewers the best experience possible. I can’t knock his hustle, but the viewers are dumb as hell to spend twenty dollars for that garbage. Shameful😂🤣 it was good a laugh at just how bad it was. He thought people would skip the BMF premier to watch that straight hot garbage. I’m so tired of the dope dealer hood movies, so neither of them are getting my money. That is why both them dudes is rich because they are some cheap mf’ers Fif always like that but he smartened up. Boosie is a whole different ninja, he would never get even a single penny from me. There is nothing worse than a grown ass man always begging, he has no shame! Yet his dumb ass fans keep giving him money. Meanwhile he won’t even pay those people something for using their locations. That explains the hospital which scene looked like somebody’s bedroom. My MIL gets paid when companies want to use her home to film movies. It’s not a whole lot but it covers the added expenses of having a bunch of strangers using parts of your home. This fool won’t even use his own money to pay for his insulin, that he needs to stay alive. If he don’t care than I definitely don’t . He’s always bragging about how rich he is but begging and not even respectfully and kindly asking for a favor. He demands that somebody bet him some insulin, like people don’t have their own medical bills, and he has more money than a lot of those people. My father taught me better than that, could NEVER respect a punk ninja like that! He’s ignorant as hell, but sometimes, funny so I do understand why people watch him sometimes but he’s an idiot.but it becomes problematic when people start taking him serious and care about what he thinks. Why? Idk There is nothing wrong with being thrifty, but this is taking advantage of the people who support him on all his bull.

    • daboe 0909 says:

      @Msboochie2 Jealousy’s a terrible thing…

  9. The Truth says:

    I’ve always said we as black people need to start doing our own shit. If we did it would show the world just how brilliant we are. We don’t need anything or anyone but each other shot out to Boosie for putting it to action. Team blacks is where its at# blackpower

  10. Trent McDowell says:

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