Boosie on Gucci Mane Dissing Jeezy’s Dead Friend During Verzuz Battle (Part 37)

Boosie on Gucci Mane Dissing Jeezy’s Dead Friend During Verzuz Battle (Part 37)

Part 36:
Part 1:
In this clip, Boosie reacted to Jeezy and Gucci Mane’s Verzuz battle, and he admits that he couldn’t sit back like Jeezy if Gucci Mane dissed his dead friend. Boosie then added that he has a lot of respect for both rappers, and he believes that they’re both bosses. To hear more, including Boosie stating that Jeezy is in another stage of his life, hit the above clip.

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97 Responses

  1. Kyle Gagnon says:

    Boosie would of had a shootout if someone dissed Ivy No Cap

  2. Jemelrah Clark says:

    This interview gon be 75 parts. Vlad milking it.

  3. Chris Caruthers says:

    Mans sent someone to kill him how he supposed to get over that lol

    • Naja's Take says:

      @Charlie Stacks I’m sorry, ain’t jeezy richer than Gucci??

    • Naja's Take says:

      @Johnny Cinco bruh, don’t shoot the messenger

    • Charlie Stacks says:

      @Naja’s Take free kill free kill. Stop bringing up money situation we talking about jeezy dead friend. But since you want to bring up about money and u somehow know another nigga pocket looking like when you don’t jeezy at all. Look at the net worth who really WORTH MORE 👀

    • 9ine2oo5ive TV says:

      @WhoSteen-O Bambino cap u get paid half up front and get the other half when the job is done. So tell me wtf u talking bout.

    • WhoSteen-O Bambino says:

      @9ine2oo5ive TV nah

  4. Ayoo Bompton says:

    Gucci had a right to say that if someone calls a hit on you and comes to rob/kill you and you pop his ass and you see the mf face to face that called that hit on you lucky Gucci ain’t shoot

  5. QUiNTiN BANKS says:


  6. Hanko says:

    They send someone to kill you but the tables turn and they want you to be remorseful? Yeah alrigh……🤦🏿‍♂️

    • bigg AL says:

      @Hanko no I’m just saying jeezy did not try get him killed but tried to get his Bart chain taken but Gucci was right for what he did

    • Hanko says:

      @bigg AL yeah I hear you g , if anything it’s all Jeezy fault and should be on his mental. Gucci was just defending himself and his possessions. Rip to the guy that passed

    • ShortyBig69 says:

      None of that would’ve gone down would have just paid Jeezy his money for that so icy video. Making music videos ain’t cheap and you don’t play with real street niggas like that.

    • T Sz says:

      He didn’t send pookie though that’s what yall not understanding also he put a hit on a CHAIN NOT GUCCI .

    • tmac101795 says:

      Yea fuck da shit same energy 4life

  7. Bobby G says:

    Part 37 and y’all going to complain like it ain’t normal by now.

  8. YouCanCallMeLizzy says:

    Vlad smiling while asking these negative questions. Sometimes that shit aint funny.

    • I Am Energy says:

      @YouCanCallMeLizzy facts and the sad part I see all races doing it 👿🤦🏿‍♂️

    • B. Williams says:

      Oh well he shoulda did something about it

    • B. Williams says:

      @Ari New channel cus he a snitch

    • Mex Luger says:

      @Ari New channel i mean so does most rap music these days sooo 🤷‍♂️

    • Joe Kerr says:

      To be fair someone in the comments of the interview he was on camera for (forget the rappers name even though I know who he is 100 per cent) said that when you see him a lot of how he sounds is his intonation and he isnt actually smiling or laughing in the way it sounds like he is

  9. beastmode40205 says:

    Gucci only had himself, his crew and Zaytoven during his peak. He was basically blackballed from the industry and still became a legend, just off mixtapes. The people chose him and that’s why this generation still loves Gucci. He was an underdog whereas Jeezy came into the game with a big advantage.

    I fuck with both of their catalogs and grew up on both but I can understand why the people don’t feel the same about Jeezy anymore.

    • Danny Vee says:

      Then you understand Guccis bangers weren’t played in the versus. Alot of Gucci mixtape catalogs are album quality 👌

    • 1's Bundy says:

      @carneil leo no sir jeezy albums are better than Gucci’s period … industry push or not jeezy makes better music and to say Gucci put on so many artists while trying to argue him being blackballed makes no sense 🙄

    • Tyrell James says:

      @_ Justvantana u must be like 5 years old saying stupid stuff like that lol. Bet i would outscore you on any test

    • oryiman Moishe says:

      Im sorry how in the hell Gucci is a legend,what is a legend to the America people

    • _ Justvantana says:

      @Tyrell James out score me on a test??? Wtf are you talking about lmao

      Stop acting dumb.


    Glad rubs me the wrong way more and more these day’s! It’s like he glorying the ongoing destruction of our people while getting paid off it! It’s one thing to celebrate hip hop seems like he only talks about beef with rappers and having them speak on their criminal past instead of actually speaking about their jobs as musicians smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ sht lowkey draining

    • Meli Wop says:

      I don’t remember seeing Glad put a gun to anyone’s head that he’s interviewed.. Stop trying to blame that man for another man’s mistake because he wants clout

    • Joe Latt says:

      Stop watching and commenting on that man videos. Glad just like any other man tryna feed his family!! If it wasn’t a market for shit like this he wouldn’t get paid! You mad at a man for capitalizing on an opportunity that you would take if you could!! America loves violence negativity sex drugs etc etc. It’s bigger than Vlad TV he just was smart and made a way for his family

    • David Walker says:

      I didn’t know glad bags talked.. If they bother you that much switch to hefty

    • k k says:

      maybe it should be high key draining. maybe this is what people need to see and hear to make the changes that need to be made. i don’t see how ignoring blatantly obvious and very problematic behaviors, without calling them out, will help anything. there are times where maybe vlad steps out of pocket, but i dont think youll find a guy willing to do this kind of thing that doesn’t. and i think there are some over arching themes in vlad videos that show that he does care about the people he interviews, and genuinely wishes the best for them, sometimes in his own fucked up way. i think vlad cares enough to talk about some about some really difficult subjects that no one else would touch with a 10 foot pole. that takes some realness. i’ve learned a lot from this channel about ways to move smarter and take better care of myself.

    • LD King says:

      This is hip hop. He’s discussing mostly what occurs in hiphop. If we got our shit together we wouldn’t have shit to glorify

  11. Jamal 2 Thousand says:

    boosie said i like how they came together but i would have charged him lol

  12. Que Davis HD says:

    “They was supposed to have that understanding before they got there.”💯

  13. Gianni Russo says:

    “I told GLAD to repeatedly say “ahhhh” in between sentences. Can you believe it?! Huhuhaha 😁”

    – Gianni Russo

  14. Mccoly Coken says:

    U can tell Boosie didn’t like how his man Jeezy handled that

    • Julius Caesar says:

      @Lovely Erin Well he tried and failed. It’s not about numbers bro. Numbers ain’t everything, I can show you many battles where the weaker side won. Look at the Taliban, they are winning against America, the strongest nation on earth lol.

    • Julius Caesar says:

      @Ari New channel Bro you are totally downplaying self defense. You act like it’s so easy to kill someone even in self defense. Stfu. It don’t matter if it was self defense, or he was attacking someone. He stilled killed someone lol. And just because it’s self defense don’t mean it’s easier. If you attack someone, you are defending against him at the same time as you attack him. If you fail, YOU DIE. The dude that attacked Gucci, couldn’t defend himself well enough, so GUCCI killed him. WTF you on about? I’ve seen others try and use that argument before. Killing someone in Self Defense is no less gangster than attacking someone lol. You don’t get points for defending yourself? Get educated dumb fool. Smh 🤦‍♂️ you just a hater trying to find any silly argument to damage Gucci.

    • Lin _6x says:

      @Julius Caesar literally just look at the case and what happened lol

    • NAKIA LEE says:

      @Lovely Erin Everybody Looking went Platinum

    • keyser soze says:

      @FlightSchool Pree bingo. That is initially was propelled gucci’s fame. “Rapper kills friend of another rapper of robbery gone bad” cuz gucci music wasn’t phenomenal at all

  15. Willie Bond says:

    “What’s that one line, go dig up your patna up bet you won’t say shit?” 🤦🏾‍♂️you had one job Glaad

  16. Benjamin Harris says:

    They technically did have an agreement you didn’t hear Gucci when he told Jeezy you told me I could play it but I don’t think they agree on the extra stuff but also Gucci did that probably to see if Jeezy really had changed

  17. Ryan H says:

    Most of Vlad’s audience doesn’t have an attention span beyond 5 minutes. Hence the reason for the 100 part interviews.

  18. Pernell Haynesworth says:

    Boosie said I watch the part with Pookie Loc!!😳🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥💯💯

  19. Erick O. says:

    Boosie knew damn well what Gucci said 🤣 “I think he said smoking on that pookie pack”

  20. 724 says:

    “Part 37” 😂😂😂 Vlad be breaking interviews down like a brick of coke.

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