Booster Gold, not Green Lantern!

Booster Gold, not Green Lantern!

I gathered all four of the moments from the episode “The Greatest Story Never Told” from Justice League Unlimited of when people thought Booster Gold was Green Lantern.

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19 Responses

  1. Ragafraga Muffin says:

    Why is this on most popular?

    • g1rhines says:

      +Ragafraga Muffin Nathan Fillion, who does the voice for Green Lantern,
      said he would like to play Booster Gold in a live action film.

  2. jigsawz says:

    why is Green Lantern wearing Gold color costume????

    • This Was A Mistake I Regret All Of It says:

      Maybe because it’s obviously not Green Lantern, you
      idiot……………….It’s fucking Hawkeye. Geez, DC fanboys ruin

  3. wasth ptth says:

    >most popular right now
    >uploaded 5 years ago
    ok youtube

    • Si lence says:

      +wasth ptth So true

    • rocky rivera says:

      +wasth ptth lmao i was wondering same thing i was bored and saw justice
      league and booster gold on most popular, that and foo fighters doing some
      dumb counter protest to westboro

  4. Daniel “Elijah” Maximoff says:

    Star-girl is not Supergirl!

  5. algebrra says:

    lol anyone notice the light porn noises in background at :45

  6. Matthew Sadlier says:

    Who thinks Nathan Fillion would do B-Gold justice?

  7. Wolf Man Lyken says:

    Who else had to google booster gold cause they weren’t familiar with this

  8. John Robinett says:

    justice league unlimited was a great series, and it is a great show to
    watch to see some of the less mainstream super heroes. thanks for the

  9. yugi0717 says:

    Ah after watching this video, I now remember that i have the movie

  10. lobreddemon says:

    i thought this a recommended vid

  11. Michael W says:

    I thought you were Nathan Fillion