Border Patrol: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Border Patrol: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Donald Trump’s plan to hire more Border Patrol agents could lead to more corruption and misconduct. If only their recruitment ads were designed to attract the most suitable applicants.

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20 Responses

  1. maggru91 says:

    FFS John, the polygraph that is a bullshit device THAT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!

    We hold you to a higher standard and talking about the polygraph is just retarded

  2. Anonym 1 says:

    We Germans built a wall and made the Russians pay for it. And it still exists. Everybody who says something else is Fake News.

  3. kaegemaru says:

    >_< why are they still using polygraph tests to begin with

  4. Now look at my Pic says:

    I am really disappointed that john didn’t point the big rape problem in those type of operations. Random men given sudden power against people in the middle of the desert that are set as the enemy from the get go is bound to be a disaster. For every charge there probably are thousands that have never even been reported.

  5. Islam is cancer says:

    Calling John Oliver a journalist is an insult to journalism. And comedy.

  6. Alex North says:

    I’m always up for hating on red delicious apples

  7. Justsomeguy says:

    The polygraph is not good at detecting lies.

  8. gazamidori jusino says:

    Oml John! Get that pseudo science bullshit out of here. Polygraphs are no more reliable than holding a hot iron to tell the truth.

  9. Aaron Bidderman says:

    Omg, I’m so sick of Oliver shitting on Trump for any reason. Why think people are so dumb and avoid giving some weighted opinions highlighting at least two points of view? I think Trump is right as he tries to address the immigration topic even if it is wall. Try to explain to your fellow Americans why their jobs are disappearing and, yes, part of the reason is that illegal immigrants are working for food or cash under the table.

  10. AgelessComedyKids says:

    please work on your delivery. no need to be so angry. no need to yell. maybe it would be easier/funnier to watch if you satirically expressed a wider range of emotions.

  11. Barbz says:

    All you Anti-Americans advocating the removal of border patrol agents make me sick

  12. Movie Fan says:

    The comment section is just the opposite of Alex jones videos comment sections lol

  13. Mikausitis says:

    Cuckliver delivers again. Who needs borders, we need more races here, America is too white. We need more illigal immigrants, because Americans will die out till 2k60 on its own.

  14. Ethan Plague says:

    Isn’t the poly-graph really unreliable or something?

  15. Bryan Rich says:

    You had me till you brought up the polygraph test….

  16. mccarraa says:

    Lol I love that Trump makes everything worse. American is falling apart so fast 7 months.

  17. N RA says:

    i like how john oliver toys with a topic where america gets ripped off for billions in soial security fraud, unemployment fraud, identity theft, money laundering, cartel sponsored kidnapping, etc… yes its true the leftis pushing propaganda for globalist scumbags, the same scumbags that plunged europe into chaos.. remember america were being murdered by these illegal scumbags… john oliver is a fraud making light humor of something this serious… he is anti american and disgusting with his nwo programming agenda pimping globalism… if these border jumpers are only looking for a better life why are border states high crime zones? home invasions, rape, child molestation, human trafficking, etc… this isnt a damn joke, this scumbag should be thrown off the air!!!!! and of course he bashes our border patrol. that is a lib agenda pure and simple… no libs, no democrats in office ever!!!

  18. David Barrette says:

    John Oliver is funny, can’t deny that, but still an insane leftist… brainwashing the gullible leftists… collective hysteria manufactured and maintained by the medias and guys like John Oliver. Gotta admit John Oliver is good at it tho.

    They bashed trump for the entire election and didn’t succeed… they failed their prediction they failed their coverage…. but the leftists never learn they are better than everyone and if you don’t agree with them you’re just doing “hate speech”

  19. itsferinheit says:

    border patrol also fuck women attempting to cross the border and then upload the video to pornhub

  20. Griffin Monte says:

    John, I am a huge fan. But the polygraph is terrible. It senses “blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity” You could just be afraid of failing the test, and you would fail the polygraph test. Passing could be easy to, if you just keep your calm you could pass the polygraph test, and of covered your kitchen in blood. Other then that keep up the good work. 😀

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