Borderlands Teaser Trailer – Mask of Mayhem

Borderlands Teaser Trailer – Mask of Mayhem

Mayhem is coming! Tune in tomorrow at 2pm EDT / 11am PDT at for Gearbox’s PAX East livestream.

International Times:
March 28th – 11:00am PDT / 18:00pm GMT / 19:00pm CET / 20:00pm EET
March 29th – 2:00am GMT+8 / 3:00am JST/KST / 5:00am AEDT

Music: “Fools Rhythm” by Two Fingers

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66 Responses

  1. Borderlands says:

    We aren’t done yet! Be sure to Subscribe and tune in tomorrow at 2pm EDT / 11am PDT at for Gearbox’s PAX East livestream!

  2. Loudus says:

    These are obviously 3D printed Bunkers & Badasses miniatures.

  3. SharkWeek EveryWeek says:

    *starts vibrating in excitement*

    Just don’t go epic exclusive…

    • Antares says:

      +SharkWeek EveryWeek nothing has been confirmed yet and youre already throwing pitchford and his team under the bus, all because of what some internet random said.

      some fan you are…

    • Ene says:

      +Zolee No, owning 49% of a company doesn’t allow you to “do anything you want”. In fact, you can’t do anything if the other shareholders oppose you.

      And they actually own 40%, not 49%. You can’t even get your conspiracy theory straight lol

    • Zolee says:

      Ene They actually owe 48,4% shares , which is 40% of the total of Epic. Yes, they can’t do anything hence the “basically everything” I might have gone off a little hot headed but nowhere did I say that they spy

    • Snafu says:

      So an epic exclusive, battle royale, microtransaction-filled, always-online, no couch coop game.

    • Ene says:

      +Zolee So, honest question, what do you think happens when Tencent (40% ownership stake) says “we want this” and Tim Sweeney (>50% ownership stake) says “no”?

  4. stunkyoz says:

    0:41 Braille at the bottom right corner, says Follow and Obey

    • XoRandomGuyoX says:

      Seems the Siren villain has mind control powers. Or at least that’s my guess based on having wings and being worshiped by Bandits.

    • Cheesepuff88 says:

      And then there’s apparently morse code that says “count the Sirens” or something

    • 1337 YbuR says:

      If you look at the bottom right corner of the screen during the whole trailer there is a lot more than just this in braille can anybody translate ?

    • Spurdo mies says:

      +XoRandomGuyoX Im not gonna spoil anything, but parts of the story have already been leaked on youtube if you wanna look them up. Although gearbox will probably officially reveal them tomorrow anyway.

    • Karl Pajak says:

      I will Follow and Obey!

  5. Roel Allen De Ocampo says:

    To summarize the comment section:
    •my body is ready
    •no battle royale
    •no to epic launcher
    •my wallet is ready

  6. hey its me jop says:

    “Hey boss we haven’t finished any of the actual textures yet – all we have is the normal and bump maps, what do we do?”

    • Gene Wagner says:

      hey its me jop jokes aside, the aesthetic is beautiful. If they make a figure or poster of this, I’m gonna sell my house to buy thousands of them

    • Seth Hendrix says:

      The boss replied – “You turn that motherfuckin’ shit up to 11…. BILLION. And then you skull-fuck them with it.” Trailer team – “Yes boss. It will be done.”

  7. Chris Vamudio says:


  8. Ashmor says:

    oh my gosh I actually started to tear up watchin this

  9. Desert Winds says:

    This remind anyone else of Saints Row 3?

  10. Damien Vex says:

    My sirens name is Brick and she is the prettiest siren.

  11. Malc W says:

    Really hope this doesn’t end up been another diablo immortal

  12. Typical Gamer says:

    PLEASE DO NOT BE EPIC EXCLUSIVE. (Sadly it likely will be but one can only hope)

    • Typical Gamer says:

      Ghost Ninja 2 it’s being rumored to be epic exclusive because the borderlands devs use the unreal engine and since they use tools from epic games, borderlands will likely be exclusive to their store. Not saying it will happen but that’s the rumor that’s going around right now.

    • Vortex Bomb says:

      +Typical Gamer Entire Borderlands series using Unreal Engine. Upcoming Bloodlines 2 is using Unreal Engine too and it’s in every store.

    • Typical Gamer says:

      Vortex Bomb Im not saying every game that uses unreal engine is going to be epic exclusive. I’m just saying that gearbox uses unreal engine and the CEO of gearbox has come out and openly expressed his opinion about epic and how he supports the Epic Store. He’s also replied to questions about exclusivity deals and stated that a PC is a PC and basically stated why consumers shouldn’t care where they buy and play their games.

    • Mirio togata says:

      I dont think it’ll be epic exclusive

    • Vortex Bomb says:

      +Typical Gamer I remember that tweet of him and even answered it. Basically, consumers should and would care for those handy features like cloud saves, every gamepad support, integrated community functions etc, and it’s not their fault that some CEO is not seeing them as valuable points for choosing preferred digital distribution service.

  13. segretario segretario says:

    thank you gearbox!borderlands is the best game ever.

  14. Tahil Padia says:

    The 99 people who disliked didn’t get shot in the face.

  15. Mungus says:

    Man, I want that as a poster, the artwork is amazing.

  16. Mathias Madsen says:

    I have one question for you


  17. Ice Man says:

    It is like if Borderlands was made by TF2’s Engineer “What if that don’t work?…. use more GUN! “

  18. Muudercai says:

    ??Don’t you make this shit a epic store exclusive.??

  19. emboltic says:

    Will Claptrap finally have the pizza party he deserves?

  20. ZeroDE350 says:

    Guys, if you haven’t noticed…in that 3 way high-five, it isn’t Lilith on the right, it’s NOT SO TINY TINA HOLY MOLYYYYYYYYY

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