Bored To Death – blink-182 [LYRIC VIDEO]

Bored To Death – blink-182 [LYRIC VIDEO]

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Sat Aug 06 Tampa, FL
Mon Aug 08 Nashville, TN
Tue Aug 09 Cleveland, OH
Wed Aug 10 Cincinnati, OH
Fri Aug 12 Camden, NJ
Sat Aug 13 Wantagh, NY
Sun Aug 14 Holmdel, NJ
Tue Aug 16 Virginia Beach, VA
Fri Aug 19 Mansfield, MA
Sun Aug 21 Toronto, ON
Tue Aug 23 Syracuse, NY
Wed Aug 24 Darien Center, NY
Thu Aug 25 Scranton, PA
Sat Aug 27 Hershey, PA
Sun Aug 28 Pittsburgh, PA
Tue Aug 30 Clarkston, MI
Fri Sep 02 Hartford, CT
Sat Sep 03 Bangor, ME
Sun Sep 04 Saratoga, NY
Thu Sep 08 St. Paul, MN
Fri Sep 09 Tinley Park, IL
Sat Sep 10 Noblesville, IN
Sun Sep 11 St. Louis, MO
Tue Sep 13 Denver, CO
Thu Sep 15 Boise, ID
Fri Sep 16 Spokane, WA
Sat Sep 17 Seattle, WA
Sun Sep 18 Vancouver, BC
Tue Sep 20 Portland, OR
Thu Sep 22 Salt Lake City, UT
Sat Sep 24 Phoenix, AZ
Sun Sep 25 Albuquerque, NM
Wed Sep 28 San Francisco, CA
Thu Sep 29 Irvine, CA
Sat Oct 01 Los Angeles, CA

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20 Responses

  1. Roberto Jara says:

    South América !

  2. Jolly Roger says:

    they aren’t a bit too old to pose as teenagers?

  3. LEdger Poppunk says:

    sounds like it belongs on Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

  4. TnGEnforcer says:

    Fucking love it

  5. Tom Fehely says:

    Plus Alkaline 182

  6. J Wilson says:

    Why didn’t Tom rejoin? Seems odd.

  7. NibiruX _ says:

    This song reminds me of ‘heres your letter’ for some reason . same pitch
    and same tone I think .

  8. Richard Granger says:

    All of a sudden a child again

  9. Colby Luper says:

    Tom who?

  10. Victor Alejandro Arcia Castro says:

    I wanted to like this song I really did. but, it seems like they are way
    old to write punk rock songs for teeangers; I do not know, something is not
    right but I still cannot figure out what that is. Matt’s voice sounds
    nothing special, almost like Mark’s. I would have wanted a song more
    mature. And no, I’m not starting the hating just to say it’s plus 44 or Tom
    is missing, this is not blink and all that nonsense BS. I just thought the
    songs would be much deeper in meaning. but hey, I still have hope, maybe
    the other songs are better than this one. This is just a good song, but not
    a song you will listen on the radio 10 years from now and say, hey! it’s
    blink!, like we all do with the old blink.

    I repeat, I’m not hating because neighborhoods was ok and by then tom was
    still there and it was nothing special and tom is not the answer because
    blink doesn’t mean anything to him anymore. this album sounds more like
    blink than neighborhoods, but i don’t know. I have this feeling like mark
    and travis are having the middle age crisis and want to remember the good
    old days. if it’s the case, when they get more matured and stop trying to
    get the past back they will write way better songs.

    Nevertheless, blink 182 will always be my favorite band ever, it was such a
    joy to be able to listen to them during their prime. I hope they do well
    with this record.

  11. Lord Tranquil says:

    It’s good but it’s not like the old albums

  12. The Cat Lady says:


  13. Badass Chick says:

    shit … sounds like 5seconds of gay

  14. shady4091 says:

    Whoa. That was actually dope as hell.

  15. DGR ViTRiOLIc says:


  16. Enzo Heavenly says:

    The more I listen to this song, the more I like it! it sounds like the
    second half of the +44 album, which is great. From all side projects that
    happened after Blink hiatus, +44 was my favorite (Mark is the talent,
    songwriting wise)

  17. star shooter453 says:

    the song title accurately describes me in school

  18. Sam Lance says:

    Absolutely fantastic song, a great return to form. Tom was a great part of
    blink-182, that is true, but bands lose core members all the time. It’s
    really not a big deal, and this product just proves that.

    Although, I have to say… this is one of the worst lyric videos I have
    ever seen. Incredibly lazy in so many places.

  19. SwaghettiAndMemeballs says:

    Why is this so good omg

  20. Sergio Armendariz says:

    I love Christian music