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51 Responses

  1. Anon the Homosapian says:

    Younger me: I’m bored
    My parents: why don’t you do this wo-

    Me: *I want to be not bored. Not even more bored*

  2. Kiavra says:

    “I have already seen everything on netflix”
    People don’t endlessly scroll? U actually watch the shows in the end? You don’t just close it and go to a pirating site after? WHAT?!

  3. Midoriya lin says:

    “The life was quiet all around,”
    “Cute little island,”
    “Nice and non-violent,”
    “But everything went upside down,”
    “When a guy came to town.”
    **DOOM appears**

  4. Moon ShadOWO says:

    “Yeah I see your crusty lips.”
    Haha I have tape over my camera…

    Unless there is another hidden one?!?

  5. Noah Fledderman says:

    “It’s 5AM”
    Looks at time to see its 5AM. .-.

  6. Luqmaan Esmail says:

    I get soo bored that I can’t be bothered to make myself un-bored

  7. GreenPixel says:

    “Yeah, I see your crusty lips.”
    Shigaraki: *gasp*

  8. Cali Qm says:

    “We need to get you a hobby”
    “Like gaming”
    “Or animating”
    “Or anime”

  9. Jay Grant says:

    Me: Can i watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?
    Mom: We have JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure at home.
    JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure at home: 5:45

  10. Yellow Vanimations says:

    *”Time is our most valuable currency.”*

    Well then, school is the most expensive thing in the universe.

  11. Toast says:

    Dom: Plays Animal crossing.
    Isabelle: mememhemhmemhemhemmemayhhenyeneyeneyneyenammmemememem.

  12. N_ Vardi says:

    Dominic: “please, please release sooner”
    Me: “please, please at least give a release date so I could count the days until Silksong release”

  13. Mochi Girl says:

    Domics and Ami Yamato both put out a Bored video at the exact same time! They must have planned it !

  14. J-P says:

    Me: “I’m bored…”
    Gets Google Classroom Notification: “Your work is due tomor-“
    Me: “thx but no thx”

  15. MattShnoop says:

    “Isn’t Mississauga kinda boring?”
    So funny hearing people bring up places near me and not in the states lol

    (he’s so right tho)

  16. leafly says:

    “ᵍᵒ ᵗᵒ ᵇᵉᵈ.”

    “but I’m too BORED to sleep!”

    “It’s *FiVe* AM!”

  17. Saksham Singh says:

    Domics: “Yeah, I see your crusty lips”

    Me: *Proceeds To Apply Lip Balm*

  18. A.B.C. Of Piano says:

    He’s so bored that he COLORED HIS ANIMATIONS!!! 😂😂😂

  19. Music Man Official says:

    “They can use NordVPN to pretend their Canadian!”

    Americans: Good mornin’ How ya doin today on the sunny side up! Eh?

  20. {Shmancy} _Brawl Stars says:

    “Sweetie, it’s time to go to bed”
    3 yr olds:

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