Boss Top ft. King Von- Shameless (Official Video)

Boss Top ft. King Von- Shameless (Official Video)

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25 Responses

  1. Boss Top says:

    Long Live Grandson I love you bro! Comment ” 🙏” for Von

  2. VinHuncho says:

    There will never be another Von. Delivery, Flow, aggressive, smarts. People will never really understand what Von would’ve done in the future would have been astronomical from giving his family racks to making a special body of work. The catalog Von has now is better then have these goofys. Gone but never Forgotten Long Live King Von❤️The one they counted out.

    • VinHuncho says:

      @Madison Warren appreciate you, he really was just a One Of One. Ngl tho you lookin fine in that pfp hit me up.

    • VinHuncho says:

      @King von unreleased yea I don’t get what bitches be saying. Bro was getting 500K likes in most his pictures with 3 million and 2 million views on separate clips just off instagram. Someone always gotta hate.

    • D Wgz says:

      @Jake DeCoste deff not he was talented go do better research

  3. lfdybeatz says:

    Everybody talking about Von, but nobody talking how hard Boss Top is on this one 🔥

  4. Larry I says:

    When your day 1 bros are in the studio making your presence felt, in the vid rapping Vons lyrics. These guys have so much love for each other can’t want nothing else but for them to win. Keeping this on repeat 🔥

  5. StoryG says:

    very personal but king von left such an impact on my life that there are times where i listen to his music and cry mainly because i will never be able to watch him live and because ill never have the blessing of being able to meet him. King Von is and always will be the best driller/rapper in my book to have ever existed and i stand by that. RIP King Von the Greatest Of All Time you will forever be missed

  6. João Silva says:

    As a fan and a human being i got grateful for von his music got me past my hardest time yet gave the strength when i needed the most he had such a powerful lyrics thx von long live the King 🕊️💔💯

  7. Erica Shan says:

    I’m feeling this one.. No matter how the world views his friends.. Von loved the hell out of them..He put them on his back and made that shit go..I like how they all came together in this video for him..LLKV..

  8. Julian says:

    Its sad that von is gone but we can be happy that they put just his last good parts with his homies on a track and dont do what they‘ve done with pop smoke RIP both legends forever in our hearts❤️

  9. Rompopezzi says:

    It looks like Von is still here, still appearing in Videos, new music, i think all we are wishing he was still alive and that was all fiction. RIP the GOAT🔥

  10. Soon says:

    Every time I hear that “VON” it damn near give me chills. Bro was different forreal. I hate what happend to him. Long Live grandson 24

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