Boston Accent Trailer – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Boston Accent Trailer – Late Night with Seth Meyers

The trailer for the most Boston movie ever made.
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Boston Accent Trailer – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. I get shy when I sit in the Costco table section says:


  2. maninredhelm says:

    Nobody from Boston would propose meeting in Worcester. That’s outside 495.
    Bostonians think you need a passport to travel outside 495. Just crossing
    95 is enough to induce heart palpitations. They don’t risk that for
    anything less than a Pats game.

  3. A Dixon-Wise says:

    Love it. Is this a sequel to Blown Away? Only thing missing are the
    bagpipes or kids doing a traditional Irish dance – According to Hollywood,
    our kids love to get their riverdance on at social gatherings.

  4. Seamus McFly says:

    Go Yanks!

  5. Stephen Zarour says:

    Tbh I like Seth Meyer better then Jimmy Fallon?

  6. Brendan Woolbert says:

    I’m from the “greater boston area” and do have an accent like this. I love
    when people make fun of the accent. I always know they are laughing with
    us, not at us. :D

  7. Elizabeth Claire says:


  8. Razmig says:

    You can make the same redundant sketch about Boston each week and guarantee
    every Bostonian will share it anyway. Boston strong.

  9. Razmig says:

    The Boston accent is strong in this sketch. Boston strong.

  10. Terrence Ash says:

    Boston stand up

  11. janiel lewis says:

    i’m from boston lol. i live in dorchester

  12. Blake Grigsby says:

    I was so satisfied with this!

  13. krystina gray says:

    as someone from Boston this hit or right on the head.

  14. Billy Bob says:

    Racist against white people.

  15. Iridescent-let-it-go-:) says:

    Bro this was great :)

  16. F2F Tech says:

    The last bit reminds me of Fallout Foah!

  17. sphinx onyx says:

    EXACTLY why I hate Ben Affleck and his movies.

  18. S.L Jones says:

    that was pretty fuckin’ funny, especially the last part lmao

  19. Danilo DeVries says:

    Very funny!!!

  20. Shaun Graham says:

    Dorchester lol, I live here for years, good accent Seth!