Bowling Ball vs 600 Feet Drop!

Bowling Ball vs 600 Feet Drop!

What happens when you drop stuff like a bowling ball and a car from a 1000 feet above ground?!
How Ridiculous

Khristian Flohr



Mark Rober

How Ridiculous




How Ridiculous

How Ridiculous

How Ridiculous

How Ridiculous

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38 Responses

  1. Patterrz says:

    Why is dropping things from insane heights so entertaining??

  2. How Ridiculous says:

    Hey those are our videos! And yes, everything sounds better when said by an Australian 🦘🇦🇺

  3. Post Productions says:

    I love how Jimmy still uses the phrase “Jake Paulers” even though he was twice as many subs as him.

  4. Big Orange Animations says:

    Chris: How were they allowed to do this?

    Mark Rober: *huh*

  5. Shooom says:

    He must’ve forgot how many 69’s he put in his password

  6. Richie Gonzalez says:

    Who else wants the boys to upload something on main channels 😢

  7. White Pencil says:

    “Whenever you feel useless, just remember that white pencils like me exist”

    -White Pencil

  8. Andrew Fernandez says:

    “This looks like something we would’ve done back in the day” lol

  9. personality 2020 says:

    POV: U are searching for Mark Rober’s comment…

  10. DreamSMP Hangout says:

    I remeber YouTube filled with these videos

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