Bowling in Slow Motion with Blue Man Group – The Slow Mo Guys

Bowling in Slow Motion with Blue Man Group – The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan team up with Blue Man Group to learn that a bowling ball is equally as effective as a paintbrush when making art.
Huge thanks to Blue Man Group for having us over to play and for the custom sound track!
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2nd Channel!

Bowling in Slow Motion with Blue Man Group – The Slow Mo Guys

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20 Responses

  1. JDTechGear says:

    *See’s Blue Man Group*
    *Instantly clicks on video*
    *See’s that it’s Blue Man Group and Slo Mo Guys*

    **Falls off chair**

  2. Skroo Loose says:

    Guys, *PLEASE* do a collab with Demolition Ranch!

  3. Rory semple says:

    What was with the editing on this one? Just didn’t feel very slow mo guys. Still loved the video though, good job!

  4. juststr8up says:

    *7:11** Gavin doesn’t look very comfortable sitting by the bowling ball ramp… can’t blame him really*

  5. Vanish says:

    i’ve never heard of the blue man group? Can u tell me what they’re famous for?

  6. x 01 says:

    if the only thing that ever happened on the entire internet was this single YouTube channel, the internet would still be worth all of my time.

  7. Candi Soda says:

    Could you guys do 2 bullets hitting each other? Mythbusters tried to do it but failed to record it, pretty much half assed it. Are you guys up for the challenge?

    k thx byeeee

  8. Donald Trump says:


  9. Andrew Zhang says:

    gavin not doing the dumb jobs for once … ahem.. achievement hunter

  10. Gokey says:

    VIDEO IDEA: there is a trick you can do with a beer (maybe other carbonated drinks…not sure) but anyways, you cool it until it just below feezing temperature, but not frozen yet (3 hours ish in freezer) then hit the bottle on the table as if you are setting it down very hard, then the drink becomes a instant slushy/ freezes instantaneously. I hope you give this run on sentence a chance at slow motion! keep up the awsome videos!!

  11. Verociel says:

    I’m blue da bu di ba du ba?

  12. Tyreese Haynes says:


  13. ChirpProductions says:

    This should be a TV show. With a large budget, the slow mo guys could do anything.

  14. Michael Thomas says:

    They should have put wet bread inside of one of the heads to see Gav’s reaction

  15. N. R. says:

    This video really “blue” me away ?

  16. StrangeComments says:

    Wow, that Jello is stronger than the American Government.

  17. Adam Danilowicz says:

    “I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa
    Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee”

  18. BeBeVe says:

    where’s Tobias?

  19. Aryn Maiava says:

    The jello was oddly arousing

  20. kindle says:

    slow mo guys 2011: Dan pops a balloon
    slow mo guys 2017: Dan asks a blue man group member what his dick looks like

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