Box of Lies with Adele

Box of Lies with Adele

Jimmy and Adele take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.

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Box of Lies with Adele

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20 Responses

  1. iilove2model says:


  2. La duli says:

    “Bitch!” she’s truly a treasure

  3. Christine Sanchez says:

    Favorite box of lies so far ????

  4. olliee00 says:

    This is probably the best box of lies, just because she called jimmy a
    bitch so perfectly and cause it’s Adele

  5. omgitzmetiya says:

    I knew they were gonna pick 2 & 5 first #25 ?

  6. Josh Posh says:

    Jimmy should have Adele’s son on (Jordan Smith from the voice. Look up
    Jordan Smith “set fire to the rain”)

  7. Markeiya Olive says:

    she’s so damn beautiful… holy jesus

  8. Francine Madlener says:

    she looks so good, omg

  9. ynotbackwards says:

    bitch hahaha

  10. Ahmad Elzanaty says:

    So, How did they actually put a giraffe head inside of a doughnut hole ??

  11. MadewithSoyy says:

    I LOVE How Adele was making funny faces lol

  12. BLOOD1MONEY says:

    25 this bitch is 42. But I’d still nut inside her colon.

  13. Shamsham says:


  14. iChinnyAce says:

    Bitch! Lmao

  15. Ohmy Alexx says:

    Ahahaah I luv Adele

  16. Shaq Saddler says:

    is adele getting better looking?

  17. hellomyfriend4427 says:

    God, she really is gorgeous!

  18. Jeffrey Attakorah says:

    Adele is just so beautiful… and wow just lovely

  19. Jesse Trippy says:

    I LLLOOOOVVEE her!!! Much nicer than Miley is!

  20. Shannon Davis says:

    I love Adele!?