Box of Lies with Gal Gadot

Box of Lies with Gal Gadot

Jimmy and Gal Gadot take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.

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Box of Lies with Gal Gadot

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20 Responses

  1. selina wayne says:

    when she said hamesh (חמש) i was so happy

  2. Krishane Prince says:

    her stare is so sexy

  3. selina wayne says:

    lol gal is so adorable

  4. Petreanna Aching says:

    Standing made this awkward.

  5. Vitacity says:

    thats my Gal❤

  6. im the best goalie says:

    I’m just pressing like on y’all’s comments

  7. Jorge Abrahão says:

    gal is literally a goddess

  8. Zomey Tv says:

    she made me want to see wonder woman

  9. Julia Derr says:

    i’m in love w her

  10. Joseph Washington says:

    He was killin it at the end though. Hahaha!

  11. Username says:

    Gal Gadot is fucking gorgeous!

  12. craftynumber2 says:

    It’s official: she’s the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen

  13. Hernan Sosa says:

    Gal have a wonder butt

  14. Bijak Diaz says:

    that people’s eyebrow by Gal <3

  15. J N L J .Productions says:

    She didn’t even need her lasso of truth to know Jimmy was lying. That woman is a wonder

  16. Mat Galea says:

    I’ve never seen anyone more beautiful in my life

  17. adar lowenheim says:

    that’s so funny seeing someone from your country of Israel speaking Hebrew on national television, of the US no less

  18. Ash Glass says:

    Whoever comes up with the objects is someone I wanna be friends with.

  19. PHIFan-MIA says:

    2 years ago so many of you were hating on her. Saying she was such a miscast, has no lean muscle and she can’t act. Now all sudden she’s the ‘perfect’ Wonder Woman.

  20. Big Head says:

    The official winner of the genetic lottery is Gal Gadot

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